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About The Establishing Shot

The Establishing Shot is an independent blog run by Craig Grobler where Art and Cult collude. We are a London based and focused on FilmFilm making and Film-related events taking place mainly within London and the UK.

Our core aim is to bring audiences closer to the viewing experience, try taking you behind the scenes with the people (Actors, Directors, Editors, Cinematographers, Producers, etc.) who make those films as well as the people that show films and share our insight and passion for all things film.

We love everything - FILM and prefer a good entertaining film over any particular genre, actor or director. Although we do lean towards the smaller or independent films that don’t have the budget to market very widely. Our obsession with film encompasses reviews, film talks, actors, directors, cinemas, soundtracks, producers, film events, film making, film locations, film marketing, film promotion and did we mention film?

Initially, I started The Establishing Shot to document my experiences and share what I learn as a budding filmmaker living in the greatest city on earth London. Obviously, London is jam-packed with things to do, see and hear so pretty soon my life started to bleed its way into my regular updates.

So as well as film-related goodness, you can also expect to occasionally hear about general popular culture including; Comics, Super Heroes, James Bond, Food, Drink, Travel, Art, Books, Street Art, Music, Gadgets, Technology, Gaming, Photography, Sci-Fi, Socialising, Night Life and Architecture.

Regarding stats
There is a drive-in media to have the widest circulation/subscription/readership as that is generally what is perceived as “best”; also this is what interests’ film marketers & the beancounters. Even though we regularly rank as the 50, 30, 2722, 16 14TH most influential film blog in the UK, (despite our haphazard updates and non-topical content) and the 6th best blogs to work with (OK! I'm a lush) we aren’t one of those blogs – our focus is to bring you insight into the film and closer to the viewing experience and we expect a smaller, more loyal discerning readership.

If you are looking for the latest news, trailers, posters or film pics there are many, many sites out there that do that better.

Make Contact
If you have any film news, a film, a film-related book or comic to be reviewed, an event you would like us to cover, a film you would like to raise capital for/make or would just like to make contact with a fellow film fan - please contact Craig at theestablishingshot(at)gmail.com, call Craig on zero78zero9232337 or use the contact form below.