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Photo London 2015 unveils its public programme & some surprises: UPCOMING PHOTO EXHIBITION

Photo London 2015 ProgrammeLondon has always been an Arts and Culture capital, if not the Arts & Culture capital. With the influx of blockbuster film productions into the UK over the last couple of years London is enjoying an unprecedented film boom and now it seems that photography is going to get a similar boost with Photo London heralding the call as it opens London's first annual Photo Week.

If you are not as yet aware of Photo London as yet it is a four day event supported by the Luma Foundation, running over 21 - 24 May 2015 with an exciting line-up of commissioned exhibitions, live events and public installations featuring leading artists taking place at Somerset House and around the city, effectively spearheading the capital’s first ‘Photo Week

As London’s first international photography fair, it aims to harness the passionate, growing audience for photography in the city and nurture a new generation of collectors. Hopefully collectors will be able to pick up some hard to find pieces at Somerset House during Photo London.

Behind the Mask Andy Gotts Portraits Behind the Mask Andy Gotts Portraits for BAFTA Exhibition
007 Project Bond Exhibition - Event Report 007 Project Bond Exhibition - Event Report
Film4 Summer Screen Somerset House Tips Film4 Summer Screen At Somerset House 2012 & My Tips For A Better Film4 Summer Screen Experience
Mike Figgis Kate & Other Women Exhibition Mike Figgis Kate & Other Women Exhibition - Event Report
Last week I celebrated the end of my winter hibernation by making my way out into the chilly misty morning and heading to a breakfast unveiling of the Public Programme for the inaugural launch of Photo London in May this year.

We got to hear first-hand some eagerly awaited and surprising information about the Photo London 2015 programme - also the presentation took place at The Radio Rooftop Bar at the gorgeous London ME Hotel, presumably chosen as the ME London Hotel is absolutely stunning, is one of the Photo London partner hotels and is also perched high above London offering incredible views over London as well as a birds eye view of what is surely one of the most underrated and iconic architectural wonders of London - Somerset House - hidden in plain site.

This also brings a poetic symmetry to the announcement that Photo London will also be going below the ground!


Art of the Trailer: The first 5 frames from Terrence Malick's spellbinding trailer for Knight of Cups that have me waiting for the film - WATCH THIS!

Knight of Cups Trailer breakdownIt has to be said that I have sadly seen too few trailers of late that differentiate themselves, elevate the game or mean anything. That doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't many good films on the way just that - I haven't seen many exciting trailers. But late last year I was bowled over by the trailer for Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups in fact the first five shots from the trailer had me absolutely stunned as his use of sound and visuals enthralled me.

First a little context as to how we got here may be in order Knight of Cups is the third in Malick's epical (in the true sense of the word) allegorical exploration - of modern man in the throes of existential angst as he comes to terms to modern life and moves down a path further from nature or Supernature and himself.

We have had Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in The Tree of Life (2011) symbolically bridging the generational gap (from The Thin Red Line 1998) and heralding Malick's move into the modern era. Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem in To the Wonder (2012), Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale in Knight of Cups set for release this year followed up by his currently untitled project Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman Texas Music film.

Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups Film Poster
Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups Film Poster

Knight of Cups

A screenwriter living in LA tries to make sense of the strange events occurring around him.

Terrence Malick


Terrence Malick

Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Imogen Poots 

The former farmer turned M.I.T. philosophy professor, started in film as a writer for hire working on films like Don Siegel's Dirty Harry (rumour has it Malick's ideas became the plot for the sequel Magnum Force) and Jack Nicholson's Drive, He Said before writing the screenplays for the Paul Newman, Lee Marvin starrer Pocket Money and the Robert Duvall, Donald Sutherland - Lady Ice around this point Malick decided that he would only work on projects he felt he could bring something to.

Which led to Malick independently making his seminal feature Badlands in 1973 starring Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen.

I am acutely aware that Malick has worked on 4 films in the last 5 years (not including his upcoming IMAX documentary - Voyage of Time), for a man that averaged a film every 5 years with a 20 year gap between his second film Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line, whilst Malick was seemingly went missing, more likely wandering, living and writing.

  There were even reports that he might be dead, depressed, or just holed up in some back corner of the world.

- Excerpt from Malick: The Prodigal Returns by David Thomson for The Independent in 1999.

The point here being I suspect that this prolific run may end at any time and Malick may disappear to ponder his next film, so sooner rather than later would be an appropriate time for me to explore the poetic genius of Terrence Malick or least try take a look at the the first five attention grabbing shots from the trailer of Knight of Cups and let my stream of consciousness freestyle as it scrapes the surface of Malicks works. Terrence Malick's films always have my curiosity, but after the first five shots, Knight of Cups has my attention.

To accompany your reading of this post I have embedded a playlist of tracks inspired by Terrence Malick's the Knight of Cups soundtrack. It is comprised of some of the tracks from the Extended Soundtrack of Knight of Cups, available alternate versions of some of the tracks as well as periphery music. More information on the Knight of Cups extended soundtrack can be found in the playlists description n YouTube.

The Establishing Shot in conversation with horror maestro (& Prog Rocker) Claudio Simonetti

Claudio Simonetti InterviewThis weekend to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of Dario Argento's art horror surrealist cult classic film Profondo Rosso’s or Deep Red as it is known in English speaking parts of the world the Barbican will be playing host to what is sure to be one of the most memorable horror or more accurately Giallo related events to play out in London in recent times - when horror maestro Claudio Simonetti brings his band Goblin to play the score of Profondo Rosso live.

Not only am I incredibly excited about this musical event itself as Claudio Simonetti's Goblin perform one of the most iconic horror soundtracks LIVE as the film is screened in the acoustically renowned Hall B of the Barbican (the home of the London Symphony Orchestra) but I was extremely privileged to chat with Mr. Simonetti about his work and creating the sound of many of the foremost cult classic horror films of the last four decades with the band Goblin.

As well as being effortlessly cool in the way Italians can be, he was surprisingly candid and gracious with his time so we were able to have a decent conversation about a range of subjects, that when pulled together paint a high level picture of the passionate career of a man doing what he loves for the last 40 years whilst letting his music reach into our souls and play with our emotions like they are, well a synthesizer.

Claudio Simonetti GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London
Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London

Profondo rosso (Deep Red)

A musician witnesses the murder of a famous psychic, and then teams up with a fiesty reporter to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by the unseen killer bent on keeping a dark secret buried.

Dario Argento


Dario Argento, Bernardino Zapponi

David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lavia

Claudio Simonetti's Goblin performing Profondo Rosso Live at The Barbican:
Saturday 21 February 2015

After posting my interview with Claudio Simonetti a friend, a big John Carpenter fan asked me about Claudio Simonetti and it occurred to me that possibly not everyone is as big fan of Simonetti as me and has listened to his and Goblin's music. So I thought I would add a short bio to introduce the man and his music.

"Claudio Simonetti … is a Brazil-born Italian composer who has specialized in the scores for Italian and American horror films since the 1970s." - From Wiki 

Following in his father's footsteps a successful and popular composer and TV personality Claudio studied composition and piano at the Conservatore Saint Cecilia in Rome, eventually it was experimental rock that captured his ear as he chased his dream and he went on to form various bands including Oliver which went on to become Goblin.

Fame came to the band when they did the soundtrack for arguably Italy's greatest/notorious horror director (he did after all invent the Giallo genre) Dario Argento for his film Profondo Rosso (Deep Red). It was at this time the band officially became known as Goblin.

Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) went on become a huge commercial success internationally and won critical acclaim. For many Profondo Rosso would define Dario Argento's style for them.

But the real surprise was Goblin's soundtrack which - recorded in ten days went on to sell over a million copies in the first ten months and stayed in the Italian charts for 52 weeks it attained No.1 on the charts in both the LP and singles categories making Profondo Rosso one of the highest selling horror film soundtracks ever made. It has subsequently gone on to sell over four million copies as well as influence cinematic sound across multiple genres.

The sound of Profondo Rosso is a fusion of Giorgio Gaslini's jazz, blues funk and Goblin's own intriguing surreal symphonic rock Baroque hybrid created with Claudio Simonetti's Minimoog synthesizer, bass, drums, guitars, harpsichords, a church organ and creepy vocal lullabies. This seminal sound would later be expanded and solidified with Goblin's defining and quintessential soundtrack for Dario Argento's Suspira (my personal favourite).

... by the time we recorded Suspiria I think our sound is unique and that was the sound that made Goblin famous started coming through because we invented something.”
                                                                                                       - Claudio Simonetti

This description of Goblin's sound from the now sadly defunct Cherry Red Records can not be improved upon:

Goblin's genius lies in skilfully combining elements of progressive psychedelia with jazz-rock, Eastern European folk music and the Baroque. Their music often displays an eerie fairy tale quality that underscores tensions within a film to great effect.”

History has proclaimed that Profondo Rosso is the absolutely essential sound of Dario Argento, Goblin and Italian horror film.

Goblin and Claudio Simonetti went on to define the sound for many of Dario Argento's films before parting ways and separately continuing their careers. Claudio went on to work with other acclaimed cult directors like; George A. Romero, Bruno Corbucci, Lucio Fulci, Ruggero Deodato, Lamberto Bava, Sergio Martino, Umberto Lenzi, Menahem Golan and Enzo G. Castellari on the true apocalyptic cult classic Warriors of Wasteland or The New Warriors (another personal favourite of mine) continued to create progressive rock, dabble in Disco during its heyday as well form the heavy metal band Daemonia.

Goblin and Simonetti reunited briefly to score the soundtrack for Dario Argento's Sleepless. Goblin continued touring in various forms and Daemonia later became Claudio Simonetti's Goblin.

In my chat with Mr. Claudio Simonetti goes into a little more detail about Goblin's history.

Other topics we managed to touch on at a high level included;

- The enduring appeal of Goblin's sound
- Goblin's history before working in film
- The true genesis of Goblin as a band
- Fail at an attempt to define the music of Goblin
- Simonetti and Goblin's working process
- Creating the iconic Goblin sound for Suspiria & the legendary lost Suspiria recordings
- His ongoing collaboration with Dario Argento
- Addresses the similarities between the sound of Deep Red, Tubular Bells & Halloween
- On meeting John Carpenter
- Working with George Romero 
- On being "soundcast" for horror
- His body of work & still being inspired by film
- His thoughts on new horror soundtracks
- Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake & the recent work of Guillermo del Toro

Simonetti also let us know what we can expect from the live performance and screening of Deep Red at the Barbican. For a bonus point I managed to discover Claudio Simonetti's favourite horror films.

Claudio Simonetti's Goblin play The Barbican london
Claudio Simonetti's Goblin (ZOOM)

You know when we started in the 70s we didn't have a title for the music, now we have Gothic, Heavy Metal and many different titles for the music, even Prog didn't exist in the 70s. Prog was invented later. We just played Rock.”
                                                                                                       - Claudio Simonetti

I say our chat but Claudio did most of the talking so it is unsurprising that he was flagging a bit  towards the end of our chat, as was I, despite that he was happy to give me a fair amount of time - even so - sadly I didn't manage to chat about the actual content of any of the films he has scored and the part that play in the psychology behind his music or indeed where he goes and how he creates the hypnotising and transcendental music that stares into our souls, scares, lulls and moves us or to my shame the rumoured 3D remake of Suspiria.

As with many of Dario Argento's film, in Profondo Rosso the lead protagonist is the proverbial fish out of water as David Hemmings plays Marcus Daly an English pianist and music teacher who whilst working in Turin stumbles onto a murder and goes down a dark and increasingly terrifying path as this every man sets about to uncover the killer - a mysterious figure wearing black leather gloves, played by director Dario Argento himself. Whilst Goblin's soundtrack gently lulls us down the same disturbing path.

Deep Red starring David Hemmings as Marcus Daly
Deep Red starring David Hemmings as Marcus Daly

Horror aficionados may each may have a favourite Dario Argento film but many agree Profondo Rosso is the prime example of Argento's twisted genius and "showcases the technical bravado and ... shock tactics that made Argento famous".

A surreal masterpiece from Dario Argento with a pounding score from cult prog rockers Goblin, Deep Red will leave you battered and breathless!

Gorgeously shot with an incredible soundtrack merging to create different ambient tones that juxtapose against each other adding unique personality to the characters, places and times they live in. I'm not going to bang on about the performances but it was a real joy to see." - From Arrow Films

FIRST LOOK at Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre and Spectre on Location: Sölden Vlog

First Look at Daniel Craig as James Bond in SPECTREYesterday not only did we get a long overdue official James Bond Spectre clapperboard update from the set of Spectre shooting at Blenheim Palace - back here in the UK. We were also promised the first official behind the scenes footage of Spectre today at 7am.

Yes! Op delivered! And along with the first behind the scenes 007 vlog footage from the Spectre location at Sölden, Austria we also got to see our first look at Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre.

On a side note: if Bond was looking to revitalise its British roots you don't get more British than the Blenheim Palace, the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill.

007 Clapperboard from Spectre location Blenheim Palace

Win a special Woman In Black: Angel of Death goody bag & see Jeremy Irvine introduce The curse of The Woman In Black - COMPETITION

Win! A special Woman In Black: Angel of Death goody bagIf you are a regular reader you will know how much I enjoyed James Watkins' The Woman In Black. It is a ghoulish combination of contemporary scare tactics and traditional elements of Hammer Films giving as an unforgiving and incredibly creepy experience. A high water mark in bringing Hammer back into the forefront of British horror.

I have been eagerly anticipating Hammer's sequel Woman In Black: Angel of Death for ages now and very keen to see where they take the curse of The Woman in Black as we see Helen McCrory and talented upstarts Jeremy Irvine and Phoebe Fox face her/it.

With Hammer finally bringing Woman In Black: Angel of Death to UK screens on New Years Day 1 January 2015 Entertainment One are letting us celebrate by giving away 3 special The Woman In Black: Angel of Death goody bag consisting of the original The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe on DVD, a copy of Susan Hill's best selling novel The Woman in Black and a Limited Edition The Woman in Black: Angel Of Death UK poster!

For details on how to get one of these great Woman In Black: Angel of Death goody bags see further below.

Woman In Black: Angel of Death Poster
Woman In Black: Angel of Death Poster

EE British Academy Film Awards 2015 Teaser Poster Revealed by EE BAFTAS Host Stephen Fry - EE BAFTAS

EE British Academy Film Awards 2015 Poster T his morning, in the run up to the much anticipated EE BAFTAS 2015 - the host with the most Stephen Fry revealed this year's EE British Academy Film Awards poster via Twitter.

Good to see more of a focus on class than novelty for this prestigious event.

EE British Academy Film Awards 2015 Poster
EE British Academy Film Awards 2015 Poster (ZOOM)

SECOND LOOK! Bond 24 on location as James Bond explodes back into action for SPECTRE at MI6 on the Thames & we take a close look at the SPECTRE boat - FYEO POTENTIAL SPOILERS - FILM LOCATION

Bond 24 SPECTRE LocationAs you must no doubt be aware there is much excitement in the capital as filming of Bond 24 SPECTRE is continuing in London with the action taking place back on the Thames yesterday, Camden Locke the day before and that evening in Notting Hill.

The Bond team seem to be burning the candle at both ends trying to complete filming in London as quickly as possible before moving on to other locations. Probably in an effort to minimise spoilery leaks in the capital, but at the same time - to give you some insight into how us Londoners feel about having *arguably* Britain's greatest literary and cinematic spy back on home ground, in London read the tweet below from the Camden location.

But it was on Monday that James Bond (Daniel Craig) exploded back into action for Bond 24 with his first day of shooting SPECTRE in London, outside of Pinewood Studios. I'm sure you are thinking we've heard the stories and seen the pictures but did it happen if The Establishing Shot didn't cover it?

Well actually we did shoot in early, but we have lives and were otherwise occupied at the time. Posting at this stage I don't think there is anything here that may be considered to spoilery or compromise the location shoot and again I have intentionally left out certain details of the action but eagle eyed Bond fans may be able to piece together bits.

I had my compact camera with me rather than my large obnoxious one, so the quality isn't that great but thanks to Tim Merry a courteous professional on the scene who kindly allowed us to use two of the better photos for this post - including one which captured what is the greatest Bond moment for me personally yet - as the fourth wall came tumbling down. See further below.

Bond 24 Spectre Teaser Poster
Bond 24 Spectre Teaser Poster (ZOOM)

Watch Robbie Williams' Secret Agent advert for Café Royal Coffee & download the Secret Agent theme song Bully for free - WATCH THIS!

Bond 24 SPECTRE LocationIt's been 16 years since Robbie Williams released his chart topping single Millenium off the album I've Been Expecting You. That would make it 16 years since I first heard who Robbie Williams is.

Being a Bond fan I instantly liked Millenium a catchy aspirational song that sounded like nothing else at the time and it referenced John Barry's You Only Live Twice James Bond theme without directly sampling it. I wasn't wild about Vaughan Arnell's cheeky Bond parody video for Millennium initially but sometimes a bit of everyman Bond is better than no Bond at all.

Robbie Williams is Café Royal's The Secret Agent
Robbie Williams is Café Royal's The Secret Agent (ZOOM)

London Short Film Festival announced! #LSFF2015 continues to challenge & entertain in its 12th year. 9-18th January - SHORT FILM FESTIVAL

London  Short Film Festival 2015 The London Short Film Festival - "the best short film festival in the world.” according to The Guardian is back for its 12th year and it seems more determined than ever to challenge and entertain - on its quest to prove that the UK is a hotbed of film creativity.

The London Short Film Festival 2015 is set to take place from 9-18th January 2015 at various venues around London including: the ICA, Hackney Picturehouse and Oval Space. Over the 9 days of The London Short Film Festival 2015 they will be hosting a number of events and screenings, too many for me to to list but I have included the official press release further below or visit : http://shortfilms.org.uk/lsff12/events to browse the full The London Short Film Festival 2015 programme.

LSFF still prides itself on being the biggest showcase of UK short film. Away from the mainstream, UK film culture is alive with incredible artistes and original voices which will be showcased at this year’s Festival. The core programme of selected shorts will screen across Hackney Picturehouse and the ICA.

With 34 programmes of predominantly new UK work across all venues, this is a real snapshot of 21st century Britain: love stories, horror stories, comedy, documentary, music and lo-budget gems.

Our themed programmes include perennial favourites such as Fucked Up Love, Lo-Budget Mayhem, Night of the Living Docs, Surreal Worlds, Teenage Girls Go Crazy! and Funny Shit, to new kids on the block such as Tales of the Unexpected, WTF: Outside the Box, Gothic! and A Musical Box. Plus a chance to see longer work in Long[er] Docs and Short Longes.

The #LSFF2015 programme has something for everyone but if I may make a personal recommendation it's probably worth catching I FINK U FREEKY: The Cinematic Vision of Roger Ballen & Saskia Vredeveld on Sat 10 Jan 18:00 at the ICA.

I Fink U Freeky - Roger Ballen & Ninja & Yolandi Visser
I Fink U Freeky - Roger Ballen & Ninja & Yolandi Visser
"Roger Ballen is one of the most influential and important photographic artists of the 21st century, spanning over a forty year career in South Africa before his video for Die Antwoord, I FINK U FREEKY, received over 55 million hits on YouTube in 2012."

Saskia Vredeveld is a South African filmmaker who lives in Amsterdam, with over 20 years of documentary experience."

More than likely it will be on the challenging side of the spectrum more than the entertaining but his striking and engaging visuals will certainly make an impact on you in a similar vein to David Lynch or Harmony Korine.

After the screening, they'll be showing a selection of music videos by Die Antwoord, followed by a guest DJ set by post-pitbull maximal house terrorists, Bear Nang in the bar.

We’re not here to entertain you, we’re here to make you feel uncomfortable” - Viv Albertine, after Luis Buñuel)

London Short Film Festival 2015
London Short Film Festival 2015

Jameson First Shot Short Film Competition 2015 is now open! Launched by Adrien Brody - SHORT FILM COMPETITION

Adrien Brody Jameson First Shot 2015 The email alert for the opening of the fourth Jameson First Shot Film Competition unfortunately fell behind the back of the sofa, only going through my emails this week did I re-discover it. So it's a bit late but the Jameson First Shot Short Film 2015 Competition 2015 is definitely now open.

Jameson and Trigger Street Productions the team behind films like The Social Network and Captain Phillips are on the hunt for new talent and want to give you a First Shot at making your dreams come true and break into filmmaking.

"With a little help from Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, three writers/directors will be selected to have their scripts made into short films by the award-winning Trigger Street Productions.

The Hollywood treatment doesn’t end there, as you will also have the life-changing opportunity to direct Oscar-winning star Adrien Brody.

Not bad for a first shot."

Adrien Brody Launches the Jameson First Shot Film Competition 2015
Adrien Brody Launches the Jameson First Shot Film Competition 2015
Last years three lucky winners had the privilege of directing the diversely talented star of cult classics such as Pulp fiction and Kill Bill in their very own short films. With Henco J from South Africa taking the crown for his The Mundane Goddess.

The brief is simple:

"Applicants must be at least 25 years old and living in South Africa, Russia, the US, UK, Ireland, India, Australia and Canada. Submissions should be no more than 7 A4 pages and your story should reveal, with a lightness of touch, the epic that is to be found in everyday experiences."

1. Create your script
2. Register your details
3. Upload your script

The closing date for entries is 1st February 2015 (17:00 GMT), so get cracking!

EON Productions respond to SPECTRE script leak - BOND NEWS

Bond 24 SPECTRE Script leakedSadly the fallout from the Sony hack is continuing at an alarming rate and whilst some news outlets seem to be scraping the bottom of the bucket to wring out anything that might still be newsworthy from it. In an eery turn that could have been lifted straight out of the pages from Skyfall - it looks like the rumours of the leaked James Bond script SPECTRE are now confirmed.

In response EON Productions have come out strongly and in a statement released on the official James Bond website http://www.007.com/ and made it very clear where they stand.

Spectre Leaked script
Bond 24 Spectre Official One Sheet Poster (ZOOM)

Countdown to the 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards - Stephen Fry Returns To Host the EE BAFTAS

Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London T he EE British Academy Film Awards are the crown in the jewel of the British film year and for a staggering but very welcome 10th time - Mr. Stephen Fry will be hosting the 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards.

I do get the feeling even though Fry has already out Gervaised, Ricky Gervais and out Clooneyed, George Clooney that he has only just begun. But before Fry oversees the star studded awards proceedings we still have the 2015 BAFTA nominations announcement on Friday 9th January to look forward to. That's almost a full month in advance of the actual 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards Ceremony on Sun 8 February 2015.



Bond 24 SPECTRE Camden LocationAs we did with Skyfall - when we heard, via our sources that the Bond production team were ramping up for the first on location SPECTRE shoot outside of their Pinewood Studios 007 Stage. We immediately dispatched one of our top men - Hemingford Grey to the scene, keen to hear what he could uncover.

As it turns out quite a lot (I can't get him to stop talking) he has sadly taken an oath of secrecy on some very exciting bits but he certainly did not learn enough to give any indication to the larger world of SPECTRE. I should warn you even though there is much wild speculation in and amongst what we know reading this may - potentially spoil a very cool scene from SPECTRE. Over to Hemingford.

Very often while watching an old film I would think something to the effect of Wow! It must have been really special to be around when that was made. Naturally being a confirmed Bondophile it happens a lot when watching Bond's escapades.

Visiting or seeing a film location in real life brings one a little closer to the magic of film beyond the screen. And in some small way allows you capture a little bit of the magic. Sitting around with the great-grandkids one day when the old James Bond classic SPECTRE comes on TV, being able to say "Yea I saw that in real life" is quite special, hell it's even special for me to be able to say right now.

And again we take some pride in the fact that we can bring you some news & photos that are hot off the press for Bond fan eyes only.

Bond 24 Spectre Teaser Poster
Bond 24 Spectre Teaser Poster (ZOOM)

Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN to perform Profondo Rosso in LONDON live at the Barbican Hall Saturday 21st Feb - UPCOMING GIG

Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London G oblin's upcoming gig has me very excited indeed! In fact I have only been this excited about this particular kind of gig three times previously; once a couple of years ago when Fabio Frizzi was going to play at the Union Chapel on Halloween, on HALLOWEEN! Once when Jim Jarmusch's & his band SQÜRL (& others) performed music from Only Lovers Left Alive earlier this year and a couple of months ago when a special music and video event A Trip To The Otherworld was held to launch Richard Stanley's The Otherworld scored by Simon Boswell.

But it looks like the mother ship is landing in London this February when to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of Dario Argento's hugely influential Giallo classic Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red) Composer Claudio Simonetti and his band GOBLIN playing their original score live to a screening of Profondo Rosso for the first time in the UK.

Dario Argento needs no introduction, his psychic psycho films are pretty much a genre all of their own and vastly influential. Just last year watching Arrow Video's flawless re-release of Tenebrae I was struck by the very clear similarities between Dario Argento's Tenebrae and Michael Mann's brilliant Manhunter, one of my favourite films of all time.

The incredible existential atmospheric experience of Dario Argento's films comes from the merging of gorgeously composed visuals with a heightened soul tingling auditory experience.

Goblin's Profondo Rosso theme cheekily hints at Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells used in William Friedkin's The Exorcist before letting you know it is very much its own unique music for the film that spawned a lengthy collaboration with Dario Argento.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Goblin's Profondo Rosso live at the acoustically renowned Barbican Hall, the home of the London Symphony Orchestra and is going to be an memorable event for any +18 film lover.

Claudio Simonetti GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London
Claudio Simonetti's GOBLIN 21st Feb 2015 Barbican London

The Grandmaster is the most unexpected and exquisite Kung Fu film, not about fighting I have ever seen – THE GRANDMASTER FILM REVIEW

The Grandmaster ReviewI absolutely loved Kar Wai Wong's The Grandmaster. It is a subtle and rare film that is a meticulously made period piece which looks absolutely magnificent, recalling both film noir and the marvellous sumptuous epics of  Hollywood's golden era. Very much in line with Kar Wai Wong previous films.

But this time there is lots of spectacular Kung Fu fighting thrown in. Respected action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping the guy behind the fight scenes in The Matrix, Kill Bill and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon choreographed the action and the lead actors; Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang and Chang Chen all undertook several years of rigorous and challenging Kung Fu training, with that kind of dedication you know the action is going to be well above expectations.

Before seeing The Grandmaster all I really knew is that it was a film about Ip Man (First name - Man, Family name - Yip or Ip as in the East it is customary to give family name first), the martial arts master that taught Bruce Lee and has several films and a TV series made about him, that it was set to the backdrop of political upheaval in China. The trailer hinted at a gorgeous epic style Kung Fu film and  that the American release was cut differently from the original Chinese version. Subsequently I have found out there are actually three different versions of the film.

But what I was not expecting The Grandmaster to be as beautiful and as spirituality fulfilling tale of the times, lost values and as fitting tribute to the man. I can not verbalise with sufficient proficiency as to how moved I was by the story of The Grandmaster. Its an incredibly well made and subtle film of a land and people in turmoil.

Kar Wai Wong's vision is supported by dedicated craftsmen and performers to bring it to life. The astounding choreography, sumptuous set design and gorgeous period costumes are exquisitely shot by Philippe Le Sourd. Not only are the action scenes memorable but I was left with imagery of many rich sets including the Golden Pavillion, as well as an astounding smokey noirish silhouetted scene at a train station - which could have been lifted from a 30s Hollywood epic. Another standout scene was a subtle tinted seduction scene

It is a gorgeously shot film and I would struggle to think of another film that is as well composed in recent times. The version of the The Grandmaster I saw was I assume a standard definition streamed version of the film with security watermarks all over it and even that did nothing to take away from how beautifully shot The Grandmaster is.

It truly is a special film merging martial arts action with a seemingly timeless classic tale of a noble  man whose life is thrown into flux and how he deals with it - is the real crux of the story, or that's what it was about for me anyway.

The Grandmaster Poster
The Grandmaster Poster (ZOOM)

All the Bond 24 #Spectre details announced here! Are you ready for James Bond's return in SPECTRE - BOND UPDATES

Bond 24 SPECTRE Announced Albert R. Broccoli's EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment will in about 25 minutes via LIVE broadcast from the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios announce details of Bond 24.

The broadcast will start from around 10:50am GMT (2:50am PST; 5:50am EST). You can watch the announcements on one of the many James Bond fan pages, the official jamesbond007 YouTube channel here! Or further down on this very page.

The title and cast of the 24th Bond film will be revealed, marking the start of principal photography on Monday 8th December.

I will also add details below as they are announced (remember to refresh) in between sipping on my Martini.

Bond 24 SPECTRE Announced

FIRST LOOK: See the first trailer for Gerard Johnson's Hyena - In Cinemas March 2015 - WATCH THIS!

See the Trailer for HyenaI would ask if you are ready for another gritty powerful Brit gangster flick. The type only the Brits and maybe Danish know how to do properly. But I don't think anyone is ready for Gerard Johnson's Hyena.

Hyena has been quietly boiling in its pot since Number 9 Films kicked off production last year and announced that Gerard Johnson’s follow up to his acclaimed debut, Tony would be an original crime tale - Hyena a police thriller set in contemporary West London amongst the Turkish and Albanian communities focussed on Michael Logan an anti-hero for our times.

See the Hello Carter TrailerSee the Hello Carter Trailer
See the trailer for NarcopolisSee the trailer for Narcopolis
With an exciting cast of talent that includes some of our favourites: MyAnna Buring (Twilight Saga: Breaking DawnDownton Abbey), Stephen Graham (Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyBoardwalk Empire and Neil Maskell (KILL LIST!!!!!!Utopia), Elisa Wald Lasowski (Eastern PromisesGame of Thrones) all playing alongside Gerard Johnson regular (and) lead Peter Ferdinando (TonyA Field In England).

 The gritty and stylistic drama about a corrupt cop who gets in too deep caused a bit of stir when it opened the Edinburgh Film Festival gathering a quick following of fans.

Hold on tight here comes Hyena!.

Hyena Poster
Hyena Poster (ZOOM)

BOND 24 title and cast to be announced Live this Thursday!

Bond 24 AnnouncedGet the cocktail shaker out! Kicking off at 11:00am GMT (3:00am PST; 6:00am EST) this Thursday 4th December Albert R. Broccoli's EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment will present a live announcement and photo call from the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios.


A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Sam Mendes


Ian Fleming, John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade

Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista, 
Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Rory Kinnear

The title and cast of the 24th Bond film will be revealed, marking the start of principal photography on Monday 8th December.

A global audience will be able to watch the announcement live via a web stream at www.007.com

The announcement will also be live-tweeted via the official James Bond handle @007

James Bond is the longest running, and one of the most successful franchises of all time, with twenty-three films produced and the twenty-fourth about to go in production.

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli succeeded Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and have produced the past seven Bond films together, including the highly successful, Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall. All of the James Bond films have been made in collaboration with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios or United Artists, its predecessor.

See the new FULL HI RES official Star Wars: The Force Awakens stills and Teaser Trailer here! - WATCH THIS!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens stills and Teaser TrailerI' m not going to blag this one up. You know what it is. High Resolution stills, Teaser trailer and all the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens sites online all below. Anyone else think that is Benedict Cumberbatch doing the voiceover in the teaser trailer?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan & Abrams, features a cast including actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Andersen, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow. They will join the original stars of the saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker.

The film is being produced by Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk, and John Williams returns as the composer.

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Poster
 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Poster

Eureka Entertainment announce a plethora of classic releases for their forthcoming Masters of Cinema series and Eureka Classics Q1 2015 collection

Narcopolis Gets  Distribution Deal TrailerEureka Entertainment is one of the two distributors that have consistently impressed me with their release schedules.

Sadly I haven't had as much time this year as I would like to discuss home releases, a case in point being a Eureka's release from earlier in the year - Wake in Fright another title championed by Martin Scorsese it is a brilliant, albeit controversial thriller that really deserved  more of a fuss about it.

So when I got a heads up on Eureka's upcoming lineup for the first quarter of 2015 (Jan, Feb & March) I thought an early as possible alert would be good.

Eureka Entertainment upcoming releases
Eureka Entertainment upcoming releases




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