Friday Night out in Shoreditch

Sunday, January 29, 2006 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Shoreditch Rocks

Cast: Myself , Paul, Matt and Peter. */archetype New Media/broadcast guys

Scene: All I knew about the plan for the night was "we were heading into Shoreditch". After work I picked up a 12 pack of Whitstable Bay Organic (only organic beer, available at short notice) and taxied through to Casa Del Paul.

Paul cooked up some treats for everyone, thereby ensuring the appropriate foundation for the forthcoming events. Once the team was assembled as per Paul's earlier suggestion we headed into Shoreditch, on the free nightbus.

Location: dreambagsjaguarshoes
Scene: New Media meets packing industry meets gallery.
Highlight: Getting to know Pete and Matt a bit better

Location: The Legion
Scene: Student bar meets DJ Bar
Highlight: Meeting the most polite doorman in London.

Location: Cafe Kick
Scene: Sports Cafe meets Hoxton
Highlight: Meeting bumping into friends and getting a chance to play some Foosball.

Location: Loungelover Ltd
Scene: Upmarket lounge bar meets NY Kitch
Highlight: Great snacks, Cocktail menu, Meeting Lu Lu and Jason who invited us to the next venue. Also heard Chunking for the first time, laid back beats and hypnotic vocals.

Location: Gary’s Bar
Scene: A secret bar that is more like a house party than a commercial venture.
Highlight: Meeting some of the local East end characters. There was dancing on board room tables. Channel 4 presenters party'ing hard and surreal invites downstairs to view the art gallery (tour by one of the artists thrown in). The current exhibition is 12 Angry photographers.

All in all I had a great night; met some really good people and partied in some intresting spots. Had a real "Swingers" feel to it. Looking forward to the next one.