Intelligent Finance Comedy Awards, Garrick Theatre, London

Saturday, October 28, 2006 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The Naked & Nearly Gay Racist
Its the final weekend of the Eddies season and we were invited to a viewing of the best acts from this years Edinburgh festival. The show consisted Of Phil Nichol's doing to performances in succession. The shows were the highly rated: The Naked Racist (2006 winner) & Nearly Gay (2005 winner). Phil was the originator of the viral "The Only Gay Eskimo (In My Tribe)".I didnt know much about Phil (OK I knew nothing about him) before the show so here is a quick bio (recent highlights):

Winner of the if.comeddie Award for his Edinburgh show The Naked Racist. Appeared as the producer in Rob Brydon's BBC Three series Annually Retentive

Appeared in BBC Two's Broken News, as camp showbiz reporter Josh Cashman on this BBC2 spoof

Chortle Award nominee for best headliner

Nominated for the Perrier for his Edinburgh show: Things I Like, I Lick
Chortle award nominee for best male circuit comic
Appeared as Philip Salon in the Boy George musical Taboo in the West End

Sorry - once again no pics allowed in the auditorium. Phil was running on hi - energy for both shows being filmed for his soon to be released DVD. His focus was by and large racism, predjudice and cultural differences as portrayed from his experience and perspective. He is a cleary very talented performer shifting between a multitude of characters including Billy Halliday singing the songs of Queen with a backing band. His show is edgy and perhaps a little to racy for me taste, although he did have me in stitches for most of the evening. Be warned his show is called the NAKED racist for a reason