JB throws a Halloween party

Sunday, October 29, 2006 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Looking north west (Millennium eye -Big Ben)

I also had a chance to poke around the Jam Factory one of the locations I had scouted for the Bat cave. JB has a top floor terrace with a 360 degree of London's skyline. Breathtaking!! What you lose on the straights you make up on the corners. The view was awesome and made me fall in love with London all over again. Especially with all the pre Halloween & Guy Fawkes fireworks on display.

For non locals - from Halloween to Guy Fawkes (or till demand drops) is a period that every yob & his dog will try make as many attempts to irate me by setting off as many Rockets, Screeches and Crackles as possible in my immediate or just close enough proximity to be a hazard.

Again I notice how every bedroom in London seems to be 5 X the size of mine.