Dinner at Veeresharmy

Saturday, November 11, 2006 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

After a couple of false starts and long term bookings I finally got to go to go to what is deemed by many as the finest curry house in all of Britain. Veeraswamy est. 1926
Hi all,
You are invited to dinner at (Booming Indian accented voice)
VEERASWAMY the legendary Indian restaurant. It's an eat and meet affair.
Sat 11 Nov 8pm - 11pm (3 hrs) (London)Mezzanine Floor, Victory House 99 Regent Street, London W1B 4RS (entrance on Swallow Street)

Veeraswamy is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in the U.K. It was established in 1926 at the same site by the great grandson of an English General, and an Indian princess. The restaurant has been the rendezvous of rich, famous, and fashionable lovers of Indian food. Customers included Edward - Prince of Wales, King Gustav of Sweden, Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, King Hussein of Jordan and Marlon Brando.

As with all of these get togethers its about great company, good food & a comfortable atmosphere. This occasion did not disappoint. We had a great table under a giant chandelier decorated with rose petals. It was good to see old friends as well as meet new friends. One has to respect an establishment that has a no photos inside policy.

The crab kebab starter was subtly delicious. The Biryani Classic (Hyderabad lamb biryani) which has been on the menu since 1926. Was fragrant and delicate. It really made me regret all the overpowering quick fix-no time-dazzle me taste explosions I have been forcing onto my senses. It was from a more genteel time - when taste was not synonymous with "entertain me".

The Rose Lychee Martinis are great, although a little sweet as was the Espresso Martini.