Alex Ross Earth X Animation

Friday, December 22, 2006 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Alex Ross's Earth X Animation

I recently purchased a signed and numbered copy of Alex Ross's very rare and hard to find Limited edition hard cover of Earth X. This versions release title is actually: Earth X: Graphitti Designs Limited Hardcover Edition 1-A. 1-A is a key character from the story arc as well as the molded plastic character that encases the pack.

Earth X is the collective name for a trilogy of comic book series published by Marvel Comics beginning in 1997, and based on Alex Ross' re-imaginings of a dystopian future for the Marvel Universe.

This edition is signed by Alex Ross (Writer), Jim Krueger (Writer), John Paul Leon (Artist) and William "Bill" Reinhold (Artist). Numbered out of 6000. Conceived by Alex Ross, written by Jim Krueger with art by John Paul Leon, Bill Reinhold and Ross, the deluxe Earth-X Book Package, is a multi-media event. Each package contains the hardcover book, sculpted translucent, outer-skin box and two compact disc containing a wealth of digital audio/visual material. Containing over 500 pages, the Smyth-sewn hardcover book collects for the first time ever all 14 chapters (#0, 1-12 and X) and Earth-X . Printed at the request of artist John Paul Leon in black and white, this oversized 8" x 12 5/8 format book also includes a 16 page color section that contains all of the covers (including variants) and more. A new 5 page Epilogue featuring painted art by Alex Ross over pencils by John Paul Leon, sketches (both new and all previously seen), 4 panel cover gatefold and lots of new art, makes this package impossible to properly describe in the space allowed.

Two compact discs contain 25 musical compositions assembled by Scott Vladimir Licina, 16 dialogue tracks and the first ever, fully-realized Earth-X video containing both live action and computer animation. These two discs are worth the price of admission all by themself! Includes a unique illustrated sequentially-numbered signature page signed by Ross, Krueger, Leon and Reinhold. Limited to 6000 copies.