Asian Spiced Rack of Lamb, Gilgamesh, Camden, London

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

was the son of a mortal King and a goddess; the king of Uruk (known in the Bible as Erech), the greatest king on Earth and the strongest super human to ever exist. Gilgamesh oppressed the people of Uruk and insisted on sleeping with every virgin. The unhappy people of Uruk prayed for freedom. Finally the gods responded to the prayers of the citizens of Uruk and sent a wild, brutish man, Enkidu, to challenge Gilgamesh. The pair were set to wrestle, however when there was no clear victor, Gilgamesh and Enkidu become close friends...

Gilgamesh Restaurant and Babylon Lounge, set in the heart of Stables Market, Camden is over seen by the pioneer of Pan Asian Cuisine Head Chef Ian Pengelley, serving his leading contemporary style of Pan-Asian cuisine, developed from years of living in Asia and brought to the UK to much acclaim via E&O, The Hempel and the eponymous Pengelley’s of Sloane Street.

Discretely positioned in the Stables area of Camden market, this testament to cool, contemporary style, perfectly fused with the exotic imagery and mystique of the Babylonian era Gilgamesh will leave diners and visitors in awe of the venue, entertainment and most importantly the dining experience.

Stepping in from the hubbub of Camden’s riotous markets and immediately be drawn in by the sheer magnitude and vision of Gilgamesh. Diners ascend the escalator or if preferred may take the stairs passing the hand carved 'Tree of Life', inspired by friezes held at The British Museum, to your preferred dining and drinking area.

Gilgamesh is a 680 cover restaurant, bar, lounge and a traditional tea room all under one fashionable roof. Exclusive hire would allow you to invite a 1000 guests to a reception. The restaurant itself has 180 covers; 14 can fit around one table. The Babylon Bar is Gilgamesh’s VIP area, with lounge seating, beautiful hanging chairs and its own separate circular bar area.