Awesome!! The much sought after R2D2 Projector is now available for purchase in the UK

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

This has to be the ultimate piece of kit for true Star Wars fans. As well as been a working remote control replica of R2D2 (built to 1/2 scale), with realistic sounds and lights taken from the movies, this is also a video projector that can project video (or still images) onto your wall up to 80 inches from corner to corner.

R2D2 lets you use DVD’s and CD’s with his own integrated player. Connect external devices though the video and audio ports, project photos and videos directly from memory cards (SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Smart Media), USB flash drives and with the integrated iPod dock, even your iPod photos or videos. The iPod docking station can be found in a hidden compartment on the front of Artoo’s body and is compatible with 3rd generation iPod’s and higher.

Stereo and surround sound can be enjoyed through the integrated 20W speakers.

Artoo is fully motorized and his remote control is a scaled replica of the Millennium Falcon. You can move him in any direction, rotate his head unit and even tilt his legs backwards, to make ceiling projection possible.

The remote lets you control all of R2D2’s movements as well as video and audio functions, and gives you full control over your iPod’s menu, which can also be projected.

Artoo has a series of built in sophisticated sensors. The first of these is the surface sensor, used firstly to stop R2D2 from going over the edge of a surface, such as a staircase. The second are leg sensors, located on the body near the legs, and are to prevent anything getting caught during leg movement. The third is the projection sensor, ensuring that Artoo is at least 1.5m from the object wall before projecting.

R2 can currently be purchased for £1,899.99 over at Red5