Fun Lovin' Criminals to play a silent disco gig in the High Court

Monday, August 25, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The Fun Lovin' Criminals will play a 'silent disco' in the High Court in London, the first rock concert ever played at the venue.

The band will host the one-off event, where revellers listen to music through wireless earphones, at the Royal Courts of Justice on September 10.

Nick Mills, of Smirnoff Original Nights, which is organising the event, said: "Silent Disco is one of the most original nightlife concepts of recent years

"In terms of soundproofing the live event with the Fun Lovin' Criminals, the drummer will be in a totally soundproof box.

"As with other Silent Disco events the sound is amplified 100% through the headphones and not speakers, meaning guitars and vocals won't be audible to the crowd.

"It also means that the sound quality is actually better than that of a normal gig as noise pollution is taken out of the equation and everyone has the same sonic experience."