Exploded Globe installation, Hoxton square, London

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Last weekend saw the spectacular launch of the UK’s first Restaurant and Bar Awards dedicated exclusively to design. To celebrate the occasion, Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio was commissioned to create an outdoor interactive lighting installation. Conceived as an exploded blank canvas, the huge "exploded globe of light" was suspended from the trees over London’s famed Hoxton Square and was interactively controlled by the guests.

The launch event was attended by some of the top influential designers and industry press, as well as many curious members of the public. The installation was well received, and provided a delightful and engaging addition to the square. The artwork acted as a beacon of good design — key to the underlying message of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

The Globe was constructed with a structural aluminium core and ribs, to which panels of Foamalux were fixed. An array of individually addressable Martin Professional LED fixtures provided the full colour illumination to the globe, and created the unique dappled light projections across Hoxton Square. A bespoke software programme, coded by Cinimod Studio in VVVV, controlled the overall installation.