Raindance 2008: World Premiere of Flick

Friday, October 03, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

This evening as part of the Raindance 2008 Festival - "Flick" got it's World premiere screening.

Flick is a hoot! A mashup of mixed media, a 50's retro styling, rockabilly soundtrack, cliched dialogue at times it comes across as Grease staged by Creepshow as run by Natural Born Killers.
From the Raindance site: Johnny is a shy and stuttering Teddy boy who goes dancing down the Palace every Friday night. All he wants from life is one dance with Sally Andrews- the girl of his dreams. But having finally worked up the courage to ask her, her boyfriend beats, bullies and humiliates him. Johnny lashes out violently, and while being chased from the scene his car takes a plunge into a nearby river- leading him to a watery grave.After forty years of drifting out to sea, the car becomes caught in the net of a fishing boat. Johnny’s decomposing body is suddenly resurrected, and he embarks upon a murderous rampage on those who bullied him that fateful night.

The film is Fun with lashings of creativity sprinkled all over it. However, perhaps the real story is how a couple of local lads, with little budget managed to get Flick made with a stellar cast. The cast includes; Hugh O'Conor, Liz Smith (Royle Family), Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman), Mark Benton, Julia Foster, Terence Rigby, Leslie Phillips (of Carry On fame), the voice of Richard Hawley and no less than Faye Dunaway - yes, screen legend FAYE DUNAWAY as Lieutenant McKenzie a one-armed detective called in over a murder at Newbridge Memorial Hall.

Faye Dunaway and Raindance's Elliot Grove, originally uploaded by Craig Grobler.

My understanding is that Faye Dunaway became intrested in being involved in Flick and personally contacted the producers after reading the script. Ms. Dunaway is every inch the superstar you would expect her to be in real life.