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Crikey! It's elementary, My Dear Watson!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

As part of the second day goody bag from Movie -Con 2 (which included a rare/exclusive George Lucas (in Disguise) action figure now available on eBay). We each received a rather thick card with some odd characters and numbers printed on it. Most guessed that this was a promotional ploy for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes as one could make out the words MR HOLMES on the card.

The card had a slit down the middle and when slot into the card belonging to the guy sitting next to me. Created a a sort of propeller like shape and when spun around the characters on each card were a lot more legible and they read WIDEN YOUR GAZE MR HOLMES. OK! fair enough some really Victorian era style marketing and thought nothing more of it. However I love a good mystery and excel at puzzles. I couldn't stop thinking about the cards after all this was marketing for Sherlock Holmes master detective. When I got home today I emptied my goody back and dug out the cards again. Naturally I had collected a number of them from other guests at Movie-Con as well as the box on the security guys desk (for my film memorabilia collection). After having another look I thought the numbers on the cards could mean something 236., 221, 57. and 94. Perhaps a GPS location, map co-ordinate. The periods between the numbers made it obvious, it's an IP address. After some trial & error number swapping. My browser opened up the site at at . How exciting! Nice dark ambient music, a quality background and 5 empty fields awaiting my entry? A small question mark above the fields gave a clue "FIND HER". Find who? Well that much was obvious I am after all a product of many conspiracies that have needed unpicking - and if it's not the Butler you know where to look next. After a quick visit to IMDB I punched in my 5 character guess. And B-I-N-G-O was her name. I was through to the next stage.