Duncan Jones's next film Mute & the fate of Sam Bell

Friday, September 18, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

By know you know that Director Duncan Jones's next film will not be an adaptation of "Escape from the Deep" as anticipated.

It sounds like "Escape from the Deep" the true story of a WW2 submarine crew that go to hell and back will be tackled after another forage into the Sci Fi with "Mute". More information about the Alex Kershaw book "Escape from the Deep" can be
found here

The Mute concept art released via Jone's Liberty Films website looks pretty damn spiffy and tantalising enough to keep Sci Fi fans wanting more. The artwork is very reminiscent of Syd Mead's conceptual art for Blade Runner. Interesting to note that the signage in the street scene says Fremde which is German for strange, but could also mean foreign or Alien. Jones has said that Mute is not about Aliens as such. I'm guessing that this scene is some high class clientele leaving a bar/club that caters for strange tastes. This is possibly the club that the lead's girlfriend works at before disappearing. Then again it could just be a street scene.

Mute is basically the other side of the coin from Moon. Moon is about isolation, loneliness, living on your own and having to find a way to deal with that.

Mute is based in a future Berlin, so it's a big city film, a thriller in a city that so full and so unfriendly in a way. It's going to be a very different kind of film - but a good companion piece.

Mute is a much busier, nosier kind of film. It’s a thriller based in a future Berlin…. If Moon is inspired by films like Outland and Silent Running, then Mute, is inspired by Blade Runner.

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