The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival: Lee Daniels - Script Factory and NFTS Masterclasses

Friday, September 11, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The remarkably gifted producer-turned-director discusses his work, including his powerful new feature Precious.

Few people have the qualities needed to be a successful producer and even fewer have those needed to be a successful director. Lee Daniels' natural skills as a producer allowed him to make Monster's Ball (for which Halle Berry won an Oscar) as his first film. He then went on to gain further critical acclaim as a producer with The Woodsman (LFF 2004). Daniels is an extremely creative producer with a strong vision. He is so secure and determined in the way he envisages his films, and so hands-on as a producer that it was natural (and inevitable) that he would try his hand at directing. Daniels believes that he learned a great deal from his debut directorial experience on Shadowboxer, and that this made him an even better producer on his next project, Tennessee. This also started his fruitful collaboration with Mariah Carey, who stars in that film as well as playing a supporting role in his new offering Precious which he has directed and produced. In this deeply moving and powerful film, Daniels expertly balances the absolute horror of the title character's experience with humour and fantasy, and proves that all of the heart and soul he puts into his films is definitely paying off. Timothy Smith


13:00 Sat 24 October