The Establishing Shot: JCFC Dracula Jameson Cult Film Club Screening of Dracula

Saturday, October 24, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

You are invited by Jameson Cult Film Club to attend the screening of Dracula at Union Chapel in Islington on October 29th.

Only with Jameson Cult Film Club would a working chapel be turned into a vampire's crypt! A large chrysalis will be hanging above the altar itself, dare you venture near to see what is inside? Take some garlic for protection and watch out for innocent looking girls thirsting for blood in the bar...

The evening will start from 6.45pm with complimentary Jameson drinks.

Dracula (1958)
Starring the iconic Christopher Lee in the title role. It is one of the best Hammer horror films, a true horror cult classic straight from Elstree Studios the home ....of many a good British horror with Lee creating the image of Dracula that lasts still to this day. Don’t worry we’ll protect you from the Vampires. A garland of garlic will keep you safe during the movie - you never know what might come back to life.

Jameson Cult Film Club is a free cult film season, with screenings of some of the best cult movies in a location and atmosphere designed to transport the viewer into the world of the film.

Dracula Jameson Cult Film Club Screening

Union Chapel
Compton Terrace, London, England N1

7:00pm Thursday October 29, 2009