DC Comics Super Hero films Tribute Video

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

I'm still buzzing from the Harry Brown DVD launch earlier this evening at the awe inspiring London Film Museum where Paul Karslake unveiled 6 damn fine portraits inspired by Sir Michael Caine In Film.

Have you seen the Excalibur exhibition they have got going on down their or witnessed the marvel of the animatronic Rexy (the dinosaur from Night at the Museum)? More about that later and in the meantime
as we have been banging on a lot about Marvel Comics heroes and with the big screen adaptation of DC's Green Lantern a while away I thought a little balancing was necessary, so herewith we present a Tribute clip compiling bits from recent DC hero films.

We have spotted Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, Catwoman, V for Vendetta, Constantine and The Watchmen. Have we missed any?

It's pretty mesmerising. Plug in your headset and turn it up.

DC Comics Super Hero films Tribute Video