Vampires vs Gangsters in Dead Cert

Monday, March 22, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Freddy Frankham thought he was out of the gangland world – a retired boxer, Freddy now owns a successful “gentlemen’s” nightclub, but when a gang of Romanian drug dealers move into London, the stakes are too good to resist one last gamble. The gamble, of course, is a con. The deal is a lie. And the Romanians – are something else entirely … In the shadowed alleys and shuttered warehouses of London’s gangland, the key to all power is control – control of the streets, control of the clubs, control of the drugs and the women.

This is a truth which retired thug Freddy Frankham knows all too well. So when control of his little bit of the city is taken from him, in humiliating fashion, by Romanian émigré hard man Dante Livienko, Frankham knows he has limited time to redress the balance and resecure his kingdom, the Paradise Club, which Livienko has taken from Frankham in a deeply unfair boxing-match wager. In the boxing match, Dennis Christian (Freddy’s brother in law) is killed in the ring, and Freddy’s world comes apart. Frankham gets his boys together; his father in law Eddie Christian, the old faithful Lenny Kane, and young bucks Dex, Magoo and Chinnery, and they tool up with Frankham to take back the Paradise. With all guns blazing, Frankham’s mob hit the club, and put down the Romanians with lethal force. Or at least, it would be lethal force if the Romanians were as normal as they seem. Unfortunately, Livienko and his drug runners are more than meets the eye – vampires every one of them, and now Frankham and the boys are fighting for their lives in the newly-named Inferno club. While Freddy’s pregnant wife Jen faces a home-front assault from a lone vampire, the boys are picked off one by one, their own home turf now a deadly battleground, and there can be only one victor.

Vampires vs Gangsters in Dead Cert