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SCI-FI-LONDON National 48Hour Film Challenge

Thursday, April 08, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

CAN YOU MAKE A FILM IN 2 DAYS? Use your creative circuits, wit and talent to make a short film and you could win some neat prizes, let alone kudos from our jury - which includes Mick Garris (Freddy's Nightmares, Psycho IV, Sleepwalkers, The Stand, The Shining) and Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cypher, Cube)- the festival and of course our audience.

Why? Well, winning films will be premiered at the festival! Our film challenge is FREE TO ENTER - well, it seems wrong to ask you for money, you will be working hard enough as it is!

It's really easy. We'll give you a randomly generated film title, some dialogue and maybe a prop list. You'll then have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a complete five minute film... hard work but fun!

Check out Factory Farmed by Team: Rebel Alliance - winner of 48 Hour Challenge 2008

SCI-FI-LONDON National 48Hour Film Challenge

Register on by Friday 9 April 2010. Attend the briefing on Saturday 10th April 2010. Submit your entry by 13.00hours (1pm) on Monday 12th April 2010

More info at SCI-FI-LONDON