Being Michael Madsen,

Being Michael Madsen Premiere with cast in attendance

Saturday, September 29, 2007 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

I just saw "Being Michael Madsen" at its World Premier at the Raindance Film Festival in London - Madsen gives further straight talk on Inglorious Bastards & you heard it here first - "The Philistine" cometh.

After the screening the cast & crew attended & did a short Q&A afterwards. This is Bold & Ballsy independent film making. The film touches on many themes of celebrity culture whilst being engaging enough to keep you entertained (tongue firmly in cheek).

I'm not entirely sure how to define the film itself e.g. film within a film, contemporary Fellini on a shoe string (think La Dolce Vita), reality film, pseudo documentary - its all in there with a heavy dash of satire.

It is a lot of work but the performances from the cast are rock solid. This is a complete departure from Michael Madsen's usual hit or miss fare. It really shows many facets of the man beyond his Quentin Tarantino screen persona. I hope he gets some decent roles soon that do not involve throwing Segal out of windows :-). On the whole an enjoyable coaster ride but you do have to do some work - this is not just eye candy.

If I had to crit: The final scene (not the climax) may be a little weak - in the context of viewing it at the Raindance Film Festival with the cast & crew doing a Q & A afterwards it was awesome. However I suspect for anyone not watching the film with the live accompaniment may not be swept away by the final scene.

Standout performances by Virginia Madsen, Jason Alan Smith, Doug Tompos, Davis Mikaels & Kathy Searle. Harry Dean Stanton is hilarious.

I had the opportunity to ask the director Michael Mongillo what was next? To paraphrase he said he was keen on doing some action films and that his graphic novel "The Philistine" would be interesting to see on the screen. Now I had not heard of The Philistine previously but after a little net rummage discovered that The The Philistine is a highly rated graphic novel. With similar elements to Batman & The Punisher. After seeing Being Michael Madsen I can't wait to see Mongillo translate a clever caped crusader film to screen.

Naturally I asked Madsen about Inglorious Bastards, (which is listed on IMDB as having production kicked off in 2008). He played in coyly saying something to the effect that it's all in Quentin Tarantino's head/hands at this stage. He also mentioned that Tarantino was meant to be at the Premiere but was in Manila for a Death Proof screening.

Seriously cant you see Madsen in greens with one of those GI helmets (tilted to the side), holding a rifle in one hand and about to throw a pineapple grenade with the other - from behind a bunker while protecting his company?