Sony Ericsson C902

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

To take pictures for the "Life Captured" project each winner received a Sony Ericsson C902 phone. The intention was for each participant to take pics of their daily life that would then be put together in a short film by Mike Figgis. The C902 seemed to be a natural choice as, a main feature of the phone is a built in 5 mega pixel camera.

The C902 is also James Bond's choice of mobile device for "Quantum of Solace". After watching the advert below I was surprised that the marketeers seemed to think that face detection was a key feature and ignored some of the other features that I thought are key to the device.

Other features include:
Activate BestPic™ to take nine pictures in quick succession - with one press on the camera button. Keep the ones you like, delete the rest.

Accelerometer - auto-rotate
Enjoy your pictures in portrait or landscape mode. To move between modes, simply rotate the phone and the picture follows.

Forget cables - wireless is the way forward. Connect to other devices with Bluetooth™ to sync, share and send. The phone connects to the new bluetooth watch range.

Fast download speed
Enjoy the mobile Internet at broadband-like speed in your phone. Download large files and email attachments in a snap. Get Web sites and news feeds to your screen in seconds. HSDPA takes 3G a step further.

Video & image blog
You get your own personal blog site with your phone. So why not add some moving pictures to it? Shoot a video clip, and all it takes to upload it is a few clicks.

Great touchscreen interface
In camera or video mode

Hi rez camera
5 mega pixels - that's higher resolution than my first digital camera.

Built in flash that is actually useful, unlike previous versions.

Compelling ergonomics
To switch to camera mode you slide the camera out of the case.