Buy James Bond's helicopter or at least the helicopter that is used in From Russia With Love

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The actual helicopter that is used in the Bond movie "From Russia With Love" is up for sale.

The Hiller, Helicopter UH 12C, "N780ND" is for sale and can be bought here: http://www.007helicopter.com/.

Towards the end of From Russia With Love SPECTRE send a helicopter to stop Bond escaping with the LEKTOR. Initially the two-man crew of the helicopter try and flag down Bond telling him to stop. When he obviously doesn’t, one of the men starts dropping hand grenades on the truck to try and force Bond to stop.

Eventually Bond leaves the truck and tries to draw the helicopter away from Tatiana Romanova. Fast and nimble, the helicopter tries to slice Bond into pieces, but is ultimately destroyed when Bond shoots the man with the hand grenades with his AR7 Folding Snipers Rifle. He consequently drops his primed hand grenade into the cockpit blowing up the helicopter.