Crank 2 Poster

Thursday, January 15, 2009 Craig Grobler 2 Comments

Crank 2 is on it's way! I loved Crank equating it to a pumped up contemporary Die Hard. If this teaser poster is anything to go by the sequel is going to be just as good.


  1. Hold on... didn't Chevy do a nice bounce from a helicopter at the end of Crank? I wonder how they can bring him back to life. He even had time to make a phone call as he was falling!

    Anyway, who cares how they bring him back, its good to have him back!

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for dropping by. Your comments are appreciated. How could they possible kill off a like Chev?

    If you watch the end credits of Crank there is a little Easter Egg clip showing Chev in an arcade game. Alluding to the possibility that Chev is actually a character in a computer game and therefore is either indestructible or gets "a new life" if he is terminated in the game. Well I guess we'll know a little more at the end of Crank 2. There is already of a Crank 3-D being on the cards.

    Check out the Crank 2 trailer here to see how Chev is re-introduced the trailer picks up where Crank finished with Chev's fall from the helicopter.