Just released - the official Crank 2: High Voltage trailer

Friday, January 16, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

On it’s release Crank! was an injection of pure testosterone straight into the politically correct, sanitised & revisionist heart that currently pumps Hollywood's lifebood. The producers risky
slap tradition in the face strategy paid off. It cost $12 Mill to make and earned $44,777,321 - £30,401,940 worldwide. Keen to capitalise on the fan following Chev Chelios has garnered Crank 2: High Voltage will hit (kick, blowup and more than likely drive over) screens April 2009. Hopefully the sequel will stay true to the original winning formula whilst adding more layers.

At the time of it's release Crank embodied the same original, anti establishment, devil may care stance that John Mclaine brought to the screen in 1988 With Die Hard. There were no half measures and it cer
tainly never tried to be anything other than a fun film. An important factor that many film makers of this genre often overlook.

Unlike many action films released in the last 15 years Crank did not hedge bets with trying to downplay it's adult content, add in a feel good ending or try make the lead sympathetic so that we forgave his rough edges - Oh no! It was made clear that this was a film for adrenaline fans who enjoyed high action and was not kowtowing to financiers demanding that it be watered down to ensure the large teenage market that dominates this genre could view it.

If only all of Jason Stratham’s half hearted films were as good Crank there would more talk of
the obvious effort he puts into these roles to make them credible and less of his bad film choices.

The not safe for work (Red band) version:

Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor the writer/Director team of the the Cranks are also releasing the sci-fi game film "Game" in 2009 starring Gerard Butler (300, Rocknrolla) and may currently be in pre-production on the film version of the Western bad ass "Jonah Hex" the adaptation of the DC comic with Josh Brolin.

Most recent rumours have it that the Awhile ago the Internet was abuzz with rumours that Thomas Jane was going to be Jonah Hex.

Looks like Game is being scheduled to go up against James Cameron's Avatar and T2ON. To shoot Crank the team used high end cameras this time they are using consumer grade cameras.

Notice the UK's very own Mike Figgis's Fig Rig used to keep cameras stable while shooting.