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Screening: The Thing from John Carpenter

Sunday, September 13, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

In a windswept Antarctic research facility, a group of American scientists are terrorised by a shape-shifting extra-terrestrial.

After a helicopter from a neighbouring Norwegian camp is destroyed pursuing a dog and the crazed pilot shot, MacReady (Kurt Russell) and a small team set off to investigate. A grisly discovery awaits them: the camp is populated by mutilated corpses and there's evidence of a long-frozen UFO. Back at the base the stray dog wreaks havoc, undergoing a grotesque transformation and killing the other hounds before being burnt to death. An autopsy on one of the bodies from the Norwegian camp reveals that a chameleon-like alien that can take the form of whatever it kills is at large - and any one of the team could be its host. In an astonishing finale, bodies are ripped apart and limbs are lopped off as paranoia breeds hysteria and the crew are picked off one by one...

Cineworld Cinema (TBC)

15 September, 2009