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The item number below corresponds with the appropriate place on the Clapper Board pictured below.

1. Color Reference Stripes
2. Running Time Code
3. Scene Number
4. Take Number
5. Camera Roll Number
6. Director
7. Director of Photography (D.O.P.)
8. Date
9. Episode Number (if filming for TV)

Explicacion de Claqueta

The Clapper
1. Color Reference Stripes These stripes serve as a standard color reference for the people who edit episodes of Andromeda, so that they can make sure colors are true-to-life (unless they are intended to be otherwise). Because the colors are always in the same place on the clapper (i.e., Red is always first, Blue is always second, etc.), the editors will immediately know they have to fix something if the colors on the clapper appear out of place.

2. Running Time Code Each frame of film used in the making of Andromeda has a number assigned to it. The numbers you see in the digital display on the clapper are the numbers being assigned to the frames of film being shot as you watch. These frame numbers come in handy when directors, editors and other behind-the-scenes folks leave notes for other Andromeda workers: They can indicate exactly which piece of film they're talking about without having to resort to descriptions like "It's the scene where Dylan fires his force lance." Frame numbers are much more accurate and get the job done more efficiently.

3. Scene Number In each episode of Andromeda, each scene has a number. The scene number is indicated on the clapper so that the film being shot shows the same system of scene numbering as the script. In the image above, scene 26 is being filmed.

4. Take Number Each time the actors perform a given scene, it is called a "take." Take numbers are shown on the clapper so the editors can understand the director's instructions when he or she indicates which performance of a given scene should be used in the final cut of an episode. In the image above, Take 1 is being filmed.

5. Camera Roll Number This is just like the film you shoot in your camera on vacation: Sometimes you shoot so many rolls of film, you have to number them in order to keep track of them. It's the same situation here. Each physical roll of film (which can be used to shoot up to 20 minutes of footage) used to make Andromeda gets a number. Most of that film is transferred to videotape and/or digital format for editing into the final product. If, for some reason, a picture problem is spotted in editing, the Camera Roll Number tells the editors can see exactly which roll of film to look at to see if there was a bad spot in the film, or if the problem lies elsewhere.

6. Director The name of the person directing the episode is shown on the clapper. The director oversees every aspect of production and has final approval on many decisions made about an episode.

7. Director of Photography (D.O.P.) Also often referred to as the cinematographer. The D.O.P. oversees the composition of each and every shot used in an episode of Andromeda.

8. Date Clappers used in production of Andromeda show the exact date on which any piece of film was shot.

9. Episode Number (production) Andromeda clappers also feature the production episode number. This number differs from the numbers you eventually see in the Official Episode Guide because the shows are often filmed in a sequence different from the order in which they are broadcast. So while production episode #509 is the ninth episode filmed for that season, it may be broadcast as the fourteenth episode of that season, making it broadcast episode #514. The Official Andromeda Episode Guide uses the broadcast episode numbers to identify specific episodes.

For full certification to operate a clapper board. One has to be able to mark up:

Production information: Director, Director of Photography, Production Company and Production title

Scenic information: Day or night, interior or exterior, stock numbers, scene and slate numbers, take numbers, roll numbers, pick-ups, guide tracks, syn/MOS, A and B cameras and symbols

Additional information: Camera speed, shutter angle, filtration, reverse running, lens, stop

Sources: Call sheets, stock cans, script supervision or DOP



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