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Jaws HD in the London Aquarium

Monday, December 21, 2009 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

To celebrate Sky Movies Modern Greats HD 'Great Directors' season Sky are holding a special HD screening of the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic Jaws at the London Aquarium.

In the waters just off Amity Island something dreadful lurks, attacking anyone who dares to venture into the water. With the tourist-heavy summer season rapidly approaching and the town mayor refusing to close the beaches it's up to local police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), marine biologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and shark-hunter Quint (Robert Shaw) to put an end to the bloodshed. The unlikely trio pool their resources and set off to hunt down the monster - the only problem? They might need a bigger boat...

Sky Movies Modern Greats HD 'Great Directors' season is showing now. The season culminates with a week of Steven Spielberg films during which Jaws will be screened for the first time in HD on 25th January.

Screening of Jaws in HD
London Aquarium

6:00pm Tues 19 Jan 2010