The Losers signing with Andy Diggle & Jock

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The Losers a comic that won Best New Comic, National Comics Awards 2004 and Nominated for the Best New Series, Eisner Awards 2004, is currently being turned into a major motion picture. And Forbidden Planet are hosting a signing with Andy Diggle & Jock creators of THE LOSERS.

They're down - but not out. The Company thought it had taken care of the Losers. After they saw a little too much at the wrong place and time, their chopper went down in flames with no survivors and plenty of deniability - and the Losers went down in the records as just another team of black ops foot soldiers tragically lost to one of the CIA's shadow wars. But the Losers were just playing dead - and now that they've seen what the Company is really up to, they're through with games. Now it's time to take the fight back to its source. Time for some payback...

With the eagerly anticipated Warner Bros. Pictures movie The Losers set to reach theaters in April 2010, DC Comics collects the first twelve issues of THE LOSERS — from the ANTE UP and DOUBLE DOWN TPs — into a single, explosive volume! This collection introduces The Losers, formerly an elite U.S. Special Forces unit that served as the covert bloody hand of America until they stumbled across a C.I.A. secret they couldn't ignore. The C.I.A. tried to kill them, but they're about to learn that it takes more than one try to eliminate The Losers.

The idea was very loosely based on the original Losers for DC Comics, a group of World War II soldiers, although Andy Diggle maintains he has never read a single issue of the original series.

Is the Losers film close to the comic?
If you like the comics the film is more than likely going to rock your world. Below are some images matching scenes from the trailer to the comic and theyr'e pretty damn close. Check out the scene where Jensen infiltrates The Goliath Groups building it's almost shot frame by frame from the comic.

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Cougar - The sniper, identified by his cowboy hat and haunted demeanor. Morose and laconic as a result of a traumatic combat incident in Afghanistan. An absolute genius with the rifle.

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Colonel Franklin Clay
- The Leader, easily identified by a consistent use of black suits without ties. A meticulous planner, initiative-taker and an excellent leader, Clay harbors the largest grudge against Max, at times appearing visibly angry at the mention of his name.

Roque - The second-in-command, easily identified by the large, vertical scar down the right side of his face and icy demeanor. His ruthless thirst for money motivates a majority of his actions, including the serial betrayal of the Losers and many of his underlings.

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Sgt. Linwood 'Pooch' Porteous - The pilot, identifiable by his shaved head and
laid-back appearance, has been known to pilot any ground, air or sea vehicle with ease.
Despite his involvement with the CIA and Special Forces, is also married with children.

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Max - A Keyser Söze-like mastermind wielding unprecedented, covert influence over
the U.S. intelligence community and military institutions. Organized the assassination of
Aisha's father, a slave trader and local warlord, and the subsequent "accident" of the
Losers when they went off-mission. Although the current Max enjoys substantial influence
over the CIA and infamy throughout the Black Ops community, the "Max" codename
predates the CIA itself by several years.

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Aisha - The loose cannon, identified by her eyebrow piercing and tied-back hair.
Partners with the Losers in light of their common goal of killing Max. Skilled in all combat
skills, with particular emphasis on melee and reconnaissance, stemming from a harsh
upbringing in Afghanistan and Pakistan, primarily fighting as a child against Soviet
soldiers during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. A cold-blooded killer who prefers to leave
corpses rather than survivors when she engages the enemy.

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Jensen - The hacker, characterized by his spiky blonde hair, glasses and a
conspicuous beard on his chin. Known for his nonstop motormouth that often leads him
into trouble and a variety of conversational tangents.

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Update: Both Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) and Jock (@jock4twenty) can be followed on Twitter

Update 1:
You can read the first issue of The Losers for free here:

Andy Diggle & Jock signing at the Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet Megastore
179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR

6-7pm Thursday 25 February, 2010

More info at Forbidden Planet