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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Frickin "A" The Fun Lovin' Criminals are back baby! After a 5 year hiatus New York's finest are back with a with a new album.

FLC the The alternative Hip Hop / Rap / Alternative Rock / Funk / Lounge / Blues / Jazz band have been away due to some legal issues involving management and their record labels. They have been keeping it relatively low key and operating out of London. Issues have now been resolved (or contracts expired) and Huey Morgan, Brian 'Fast' Leiser and Mark Francis Reid's sixth studio album Plastic Fantastic comes out on March 1, 2010. The first single from the album Classic Fantastic is out on February 22. Having listened to preview tracks of Classic Fantastic I can say that it says what it is on the tin - Classic Fantastic.

Fun Lovin' Criminals Official video for Classic Fantastic

Head over to the new FLC website here and sign up to receive download access to Right On For The Darkness a new FLC track.

Huey & me at the Gumball Rally launch party - 070429
The main man Huey and me at The Gumball Rally launch party, London, 2007

Classic Fantastic is a party album built in a psychological bunker; it’s a phenomenal testament to the power of unbound optimism. “There’s this thing called Noetics,” announces Huey. “Which says if everybody thinks the same good thoughts, good things will happen. Likewise, negative thoughts - it’s not rocket science. And we all want the same thing, to be a Fun Lovin’ Criminal. You have to go through hell to get to heaven and now we’re finally out from under a lot of our problems, it’s a brand new day. So let’s go out and do what we love to do.

Fun Lovin CriminalsFun Lovin CriminalsFun Lovin CriminalsFun Lovin CriminalsFun Lovin CriminalsFun Lovin Criminals
The Fun Lovin' Criminals play The Forum, London, 2007, London, 2007

Classic Fantastic track listing:
1. Mars
2. Classic Fantastic
3. The Originals
4. She Sings At The Sun
5. Keep On Yellin’ (featuring Roots Manuva)
6. Jimi Choo
7. El Malo
8. Conversations With Our Attorney (featuring Paul Kaye)
9. We, The Three
10. How Low?
11. Mister Sun
12. Rewind
13. Get Your Coat

Fun Lovin' Criminals kick off their European Tour next month. Full tour dates over here!