Ridley Scott's Parallel Lines project & Carousel short film

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Last week it came to light that Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) have been working on a series of short films for Phillips.

The project named "Parallel Lines" has been devised to launch Phillip's new range of 21:9 Cinema proportion TVs which are also the widest screen TVs available.

Ridley Scott on the Parallel Lines project:
My production company receives hundreds of ideas every day, but this was something unique. The idea created a massive amount of enthusiasm from RSA directors around the world.”
Philips asked members of RSA to submit their short films, 45 submissions made, and five were picked as the finalists each representing a different genre. The chosen film directors and their films are:

Greg Fay - El Secreto de Mateo, described as a touching drama.
Johnny Hardstaff noir sci-fi thriller Darkroom.
Jake Scott's mystical horror The Hunt.
Hi-Sim's animation adventure Jun & the Hidden Skies.
The futuristic action thriller The Gift from Carl Erik Rinsch.
This is not the first time Phillips are using the medium to enhance their products - last year Adam Berg and Stink Digital made the awesome Carousel for Phillips. A 2.20 minute short that combines elements of The Matrix, Watchmen and The Dark Knight into a seemingly single gliding long take of mayhem and carnage.


Making of Carousel

You can expect interactive trailer to be launched tomorrow Fri 26 February and The 5 Parallel Lines short films will premiere online on 8th April at .

Update #1 - 16 March
The Trailer for Parallel Lines is now online.

Update #2 - 20 March
Apparently each of the 5 films, uses the same dialogue. Whoa! This is going to be interesting.

Ridley Scott's Parallel Lines project & Carousel short film


Thurs 8 April, 2010