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The Establishing Shot: See Oscar nominated Logorama here now!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Thanks to Slash Film for pointing this out. The well worth watching Oscar nominated short film Logorama can now be viewed online.

Logorama is the first short film by the french collective H5. Previously they made music videos for the likes of Alex Gopher, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp and Röyksopp.

Logorama visualizes and explores the way that logos are increasingly embedded in our existence. It has won a raft of awards including the Kodak Prix at Cannes last year and is currently in the running for an Oscar.

The filmmakers website ( promises "Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city... and even more in LOGORAMA !"

"Logorama presents us with an over-marketed world built only from logos and real trademarks that are destroyed by a series of natural disasters (beginning with a hurricane, cyclone, tidal wave...). logotypes are used to describe an alarming universe (similar to the one that we are living in) with all the graphic signs that accompany us everyday in our lives. this over-organized universe is violently transformed by the cataclysm becoming fantastic and absurd. it shows the victory of the creative against the rational, where nature and human fantasy triumph."
See Oscar nominated Logorama here now!

More info at the Logorama website or H5's website