Cyber Punk Frame 137 is bad ass

Sunday, March 14, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

More SXSW goodness - filmmaker Judd L. Tilyard is currently at SXSW and hosting some private screenings of his Cyberpunk short film Frame 137.

Frame 137 is a short Sci Film directed, produced and written by Judd L. Tilyard. It's based on a comic by James O'Barr (creator of The Crow).

The teaser below shows just how kick ass this 14 minute film is going to be.

James O'Barr's original Frame 137 is 4 pages in length and was featured in an issue of Dark Horse Presents. The comic introduces to a dark future world (very similar to a William Gibson future in tone and language) where a chemical living and child trafficking are commonplace. The story takes place in a bar, where a teenage assassin called Johnny Z is waiting to meet Leo who is in the "baby flesh" business. Mayhem ensues. The teaser expodes the comic onto the screen! Sounds like the intention is to turn the short into a full feature film.

The filmmakers synopsis of the teaser is as follows - Jonny Z waits at the underground tech saloon run by Mac, one of the few people he trusts. When Jonny realizes the presence of a Grey might scare off Leo, his expected client, Jonny is forced to start a massive bar fight before personally "persuading" the Grey and her followers to leave. Anxiously awaiting Leos arrival, Jonny receives a surprise pick me up from his dealer Big T, just before Leo shows. Pondering his past and the requirements of his job, Jonny heads to the back room to confront and kill Leo.

Tilyard explains
The film is a sci-fi action piece based on the work of James O'Barr creator of the Crow, and made with his permission.

The film was shot on the RED using Lomo Anamorphic Lens over a weekend. Sam ransom the ten year old boy who plays Jonny Z, the films hero, notably performed all his own stunts including the fire breathing and wire-work, some of which is showcased in the Teaser.

The music used in the teaser, was also very generously recorded for the film by Nick Oliveri and Dave Grohl my sincerest thanks guys.”

You can follow the release of the short film and the development of the feature on or

Or follow director Judd L. Tilyard on Twitter here: @frame137

He has also said anyone with any production etc questions please feel free to email him directly at frame137(at) .

Cyber Punk Frame 137 is bad ass