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Posted by Craig Grobler on Google+ On Thursday, March 25, 2010

Real film fans will go anywhere for a good film and that includes the Moon (or at least a bastion of British Science dressed up like a space station).

I was one of the lucky film aficionados that managed to go to the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of Moon at The Royal Institution on St Patrick’s day.

[Freeze Frame!] I’d be surprised if you didn’t know - but The Jameson Cult Film Club, is a Cult film Club that seasonally screens cult films in interesting locations and tops the evening off with a "socially lubricated" get together that allows fans to discuss the finer points of the film over a Jameson Cocktail. If that wasn’t enough Jameson are also the sponsor of Empire Magazine’s glamorous ‘Done in Sixty Seconds’ competition.

This year’s Jameson Cult Film Club season has seen screenings of Trainspotting at The Village Underground, An American Werewolf in London, Dracula, Colin & Halloween at The Union Chapel Islington, This Is Spinal Tap at The Clapham Grand and the season ending with a fan chosen and eagerly anticipated screening of Duncan Jones’s Moon at The Royal Institution.

Fans were asked to vote for their choice of film to be screened between cult classics Donnie Darko, H.G. Wells’ classic War of The Worlds or Duncan Jones’s Moon.

Despite assurances that War of the Worlds would be screened in Technicolour Moon topped the poll with 59% and the countdown to launch began.


I made my way to The Royal Institution, the home of British Science for the last 200 years. The RI’s goal is to connect people with science and my guest & I certainly did embrace the World of Science on the evening. This was actually a double hit for me - as I had planned to visit the RI at some point. So a visit combined with a big screen screening of Moon got the double thumbs up from me.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Crowd outside the Royal Institution of Great BritainJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Moon in the entranceJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon

The queue for entry was wrapped around the block a testament to the growing popularity of The Jameson Cult Film Club, after a brief wait we made our way into the foyer and were greeted by a number of hosts who checked us in and ensured we had all the necessary bits and pieces all underneath a giant glowing Moon and Michael Faraday statue. The flash of bulbs letting us knows that this was a gala evening.

We made our way around the corner in the spectacularly lit up RI (which accentuated the already space station like feel of the venue) to be greeted by a Popcorn vendor as well as a deteriorating Sam Bell languishing on a space age sofa.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - A deteriorating Sam Bell ponders his fateJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Light feature in the stairwellJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Upper walkway

Escorted along space station corridors and up moon beam stairs by silver haired “Moonies” we found the packed Lunar Bar. My choice for the evening was a simple Jameson and Ginger Beer which hit the spot.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Jameson Space & Time BarJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Jameson Space & Time Bar

We took a short walk around the Moon station to discover the chill out pod, which not only was steeped in science history but was the chill out room, the DJ hypnotising the crowd with a space themed playlist. After navigating more space corridors we found the Bay waiting area, leading into the screening room. This room was the highlight of the experience for me, not only was Moon Art Director Hideki Arichi in attendance but he was standing next to; the very suit Sam Bell wore on his lunar walks! Geek out.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Sam Bell's space suit from MoonJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Close Up of Sam Bell's space-suitJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Close Up of Sam Bell's space-suit
Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Jameson CocktailsJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Olivia Colman (Sophie from  the Peep Show) enjoying some Moon DustJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - 2 CD decks and an a iPhone
Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Bay 02Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Sam Bell tends his plants while Sam Bell watches

Subsequently I have discovered via the Man Made Movies Blog that not only was Arichi there but Actor Benedict Wong (Thompson, one of the two poe faced Lunar Industries executives that run the operation), Visual Effects Supervisor Gavin Rothery and Visual Effects Editor Barrett Heathcote were all in attendance.

In lieu of having any pics of the Moon team from the night. I bring you an envy raising pic of Moon Director Duncan Jones and myself discussing Sam Bell's fate - taken at a preview screening of Moon way back when.

Duncan Jones & I chat about San Bell at a preview screening of Moon

As you probably know Duncan Jones is currently shooting Source Code in Montreal with Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright and Michelle Mona. Source Code is a sci-fi story centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of a commuter who witnesses a train explosion. Updates on Source Code can be found on or by following Duncan Jones on twitter @manMadeMoon

Silver haired “Moonies” were on hand to dispense space dust and we found the new Sam Bell keeping a watchful eye on the deteriorating Sam whilst tending his plants.
After a quick top up and nearly getting run over by Sam and his remote control Moon buggy we made our way out of Bay 03 for the main show. As we entered the auditorium Sam Bell in full space descended from above, landed and moon walked off, OK so it was more of a slo-mo Moon bounce than a walk.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Sam Bell drops in and moonwalks offJameson Cult Film Club Presents MoonJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Cult Film Club

The short prior to the main feature was the smile inducing “Blake’s Junction 7” starring; Martin Freeman, Johnny Vegas and Mackenzie Crook amongst others.

As you can see by the trailer “Blake’s Junction 7” is part of a hilarious short film trilogy along with “Ant Muzak” and “World of Wrestling”. If you are quick you can see all of them on YouTube now.

At this point we received a long distance transmission from Tess Bell wishing us well on the journey we were about to undertake. Nice touch Jameson and this pips you ahead of all other immersive film experiences.

I have to say watching Moon for the second time allowed me to analyse different aspects of the film as the story unfolds and the scenes where new Sam Bell and old Sam Bell interact are incredibly touching and have replaced the Sci Fi styled visual scenes as the best part of Moon for me. Rockwell really did deserve some kind of *cough* Oscar acknowledgement for his role as Sam Bell.

After the film we headed back to the chill out pod to discuss the weighty issues presented in the film over another cocktail. Finally we sneaked into the space lift and took a self guided tour of the Royal Institution.

Jameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - Lunar IndustriesJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - DJ & Chill out roomJameson Cult Film Club Presents Moon - view of the lower ground passage

Thanks for the great night @JamesonCultFilm and we are looking forward to the next one.

Jameson Cult Film Club Screening of Moon

For more information and tickets follow @JamesonCultFilm or head over to Jameson Cult Film Club

  1. Great write up Craig. Many thanks for the link back to the ManMadeMovies Blog, and for adding your pics to the MOON flickr pool. I could go another Jamesons & Ginger right now ;p

    Posted on 25 March 2010 at 14:31

  2. Thanks for visiting. A Jamesons & Ginger is on me at the next screening ;)

    Posted on 25 March 2010 at 14:59


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