Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Sci-Fi-London 9 & catchup

Thursday, April 22, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Sci-Fi-London 9 & catchupWith only 6 days to go till SCI-FI-LONDON 9 kicks off - this post may be coming in a bit late. But a little while ago, just before Ay-yah-FYAH-plah-yer-kuh-duhl's eruption thew the world into disarray, SFL9 48hour Film Challenge started and ended (the shortlist of which can be found here!)

I was fortunate enough to pop into the Apollo Piccadilly Cinema for a brief chat with Sci-Fi-London legend & Founder Louis Savy.

I say fortunate because, well, it's always good to chat to a fellow Sci Fi aficionado but on this particular day SCI-FI-LONDON had just received some packages, this included some boxes from Last Exit to Nowhere that had the SCI-FI-LONDON 9 Festival's brand spanking new T-Shirts - featuring this year's theme in title Life in 2050. Louis led me into the most secret of secret places - behind the curtain of a cinema to SCI-FI-LONDON 9's satellite HQ where I got the chance to take these these pics. Apologies some of the pics were taken with my iPhone.

I think the design is very reminiscent of Tron. Anyone else see this? I mentioned this to Louis and in return he dropped that the Tron: Legacy Trailer will be screened at SCI-FI-LONDON 9. He also mentioned a couple of other tasty morsels which I can't talk about yet.

If you haven't seen it big screen yet I whole heartedly suggest that the some 2 minutes of pyroclastic visuals is worth the ticket of admission alone. While I was there Louis also unpacked some form fitting Ladies version of the T-shirts. And yes I was lucky enough to score one of the rather fetching Shirts for myself.

Louis had also just received (literally opening the new package in front of me) the full programme for the SCI-FI-LONDON 9 FESTIVAL. Which I took home and poured over. This year's line up is pretty damn spectacular and I hope to have my comments on the full programme up soon. Bear in mind that I as yet have not seen any of the new films that will be shown at the SFL Festival because they are that new.

The opening night screening of Vincenzo Natali & Guillermo del Toro's Splice has now sold out. Tickets for both the UK Premieres of Timer and cult classic Nothing are currently 50% sold out and tickets are going fast. Yay! The Drones screening has been moved to a bigger screen and more tickets are now available.



Just a note on Vincenzo Natali's Nothing - It has never been seen in the UK and there are no plans for a DVD release – this may be the only chance to see this movie.


There are tickets still available for the hot ticketed THE FAITH WARS - The ideological square-off between religion and science. This is sure to be the one debate not to miss.

Keep an eye out for my thoughts on each of the films to be screened at SFL9 right here. For up to date news on the SCI-FI-LONDON 9 Festival or to interact - follow @SCIFILONDON.

Exclusive: Behind the scenes at Sci-Fi-London 9 & catchup

Apollo Piccadilly Circus
19 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4LR

28 April - 3 May 2010

More info at SCI-FI-LONDON or book here!