First Official Trailer for Joel Schumacher's Twelve

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Twelve didn't set Sundance on fire when it premiered, but I have to say the trailer is pretty compelling. Joel Schumacher is one of those directors that has such a varied output that his works have to be judged on a one by one basis.

He was placed on a pedestal for The Lost Boys but knocked off it for Batman Forever. I have thoroughly enjoyed some of his films (St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys , Flatliners, Falling Down and Phone Booth), despaired at others (Bad Company, Batman Forever) and felt ambivalent towards others (The Client, The Number 23, Cousins) but I'll always give one of his films ago because it may just be great.

Kiefer Sutherland narrates Twelve the tale of a young drug dealer (Chace Crawford) who watches his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin's murder and his best friend arrested for the crime.

It looks like set in an affluent world mix of Gossip Girl and Bret Easton Ellis's 80s classics (Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho , The Rules of Attraction and The Informers). Twelve also stars Emma Roberts, Ethan Peck, Ellen Barkin, Rory Culkin and 50 Cent

First Official Trailer for Joel Schumacher's Twelve

As yet Twelve does not have a UK release date