Scorsese & Baldwin's Lymelife gets a UK release

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Scorsese & Baldwin's Lymelife gets a UK releaseI haven't seen Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwin's Lymelife as yet. I am however very aware of it and have been awaiting for it since the 2009 Sundance Festival.

It's has high powered backing, it's from the Sundance stable (the script developed in a Raindance Lab), solid reviews, a top notch cast and great performances, however one of the main reason's I am keen on seeing it - is Alec Baldwin. I'm by no means a huge fan of his work but in the 1999 "Outside Providence" I thought his understated performance as flawed blue collar Old Man Dunphy was pure brilliance and the highlight of the film. In fact off the cuff I can't think of a role of his his that I've enjoyed more. Last year when I saw the trailer for Lymelife immediately thought Baldwin's going to shine again. See further below for an excerpt from an interview with Baldwin about Lymelife.

Lymelife is the semi-autobiographical tale of the American dream gone wrong, it's quirky with a cracking script plus excellent performances from a stellar cast. Lymelife was also produced by Alec Baldwin.

Produced by Derick and Steven Martini and directed by Derick Martini, the film is set in the late 1970s in Long Island, New York, chronicling the disintegration of two families (The Bartletts and Braggs) when tangled relationships, real estate problems and an outbreak of Lyme’s disease hit a small suburban community.

Told from the perspective of Scott Bartlett (Kieran Culkin) a timid boy radically different from his philandering father played by Alec Baldwin, matters really heat up when Jimmy (Rory Culkin) returns home on leave from the army and Scott Bartlett’s affair with Melissa Bragg (Cynthia Nixon) becomes all too obvious to Baldwin’s long suffering wife played by Jill Hennessy. Tension mounts as Scott harbours secret feelings for Melissa’s daughter Adrianna (played by Emma Roberts).

Alec Baldwin on what Lymelife may be about.

Executive produced by Martin Scorsese and starring Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Alec Baldwin, Oscar winner Tim Hutton, Cynthia Nixon, Rory and Kieran Culkin, Jill Hennessy and Emma Roberts, the film won the International Critics Awards at the Toronto Film Festival. Lymelife will open at UK cinemas on 2nd July 2010.

Scorsese & Baldwin's Lymelife gets a UK release

Lymelife will be on general release in the UK from 2nd July 2010.