See: Parallel Lines - Johnny Hardstaff's Dark Room Short

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See: Parallel Lines - Johnny Hardstaff's Dark Room ShortDark Room is a sci-fi noir thriller short by Johnny Hardstaff, it one of the five short films from the Parallel Lines project made by Ridley Scott Associates for Philips Cinema

The Parallel Lines project is a unique film project - each of the 5 shorts from burning new talent at RSA represents a different genre but all 5 of the films use the same dialogue: "What is it?", "It's a Unicorn", "Get away, Get away", "Never Seen one so close before" and "I'm sorry". We may have missed a line of dialogue, let us know if you know it.

Fortunatley we will be seeing the 5 shorts this evening in all their big and widescreen glory so I'm fighting the urge to watch the clip below till after - so I comment as yet.

The Parallel Lines shorts have been devised to launch (and demo) Phillip's new range of 21:9 Widescreen Cinema proportion TVs which are also the widest screen TVs available.

Johnny Hardstaff is a director and designer. Represented by Ridley Scott Associates (London) and Little Minx (Los Angeles), Hardstaff has directed and designed innovative moving image work across a broad spectrum of both commercial and non-commercial strands of the visual arts. Mass media clients include Sony, Radiohead, Orange, Toshiba, Sony PlayStation and the BBC amongst others.

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See: Parallel Lines - Johnny Hardstaff's Dark Room Short

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