Face the Funders - Finance your film in the UK

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Non-Multiplex Cinema & Co-Production Factory present a new, open-ended series of panel and networking events.

The aim: to get independent film-makers to be confident, business-minded, informed and ready to meet their goals. Events to be held regularly, at quarterly intervals, to ensure that film-makers become increasingly familiar and at ease with their peers and counterparts in the UK film industry.

Face the Funders - finance your film in the UK
Panellists to include:

Maggie Ellis - Head of Production & Talent Development, Film London
Maggie is responsible for the production and talent development unit of Film London, vertically integrating all of the agency's commissioning of film and training through production. She has responsibility for managing the challenging and innovative micro-budget feature film fund, as well as FLAMIN (Film London Artists' Moving Image Network).

David Marlow - Producer & Consultant (SilverLight Media)
David has over thirty years experience in film & television and has developed, produced and secured finance for a wide range of productions. At panel he will focus on the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) from the producer's point of view and will outline a viable model for funding mid-budget UK feature films under current tax and economic conditions.

Agnieszka Moody - Media Desk UK
Agnieszka is director of the MEDIA Desk UK, responsible for promoting the European funding programme, MEDIA 2007, in the UK as well as giving information and advice about it. She has helped over three hundred British companies secure EU funding for media projects. Her prior experience is in independent film production in the UK and abroad.

Phil Rymer - Media Lawyer & Executive Producer
Phil has over 17 years experience in both independent and studio production. Before establishing Rymer Media Law, he was General Manager and Director of Legal and Business Affairs for Mel Gibson's Icon Entertainment. Prior to this he successfully funded a slate of UK productions for Ruby Films, including The Other Boleyn Girl and Sylvia.

Karl Dye - Film Finance, Coutts Bank
Commercial Banker, Media Team:- film production finance against pre-sale cover (contract discounting) and other collateral; providing working capital against the value of intellectual property rights; understanding and working with available tax schemes; production account management.

Martin Carr - Producer (Formosa Films)
Martin has many years experience as a feature film & TV producer, having worked with some of the UK's best writing and directing talents, such as Geoff Thompson and Danny Boyle. Formosa Films' first feature 'CLUBBED' was funded with a combination of EIS, UK Film Tax Credit and regional finance. Followed this year by the film 'twenty8k', written by Paul Abbott.

Face the Funders - Finance your film in the UK

Deloitte Auditorium, 1st Floor, 2 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TR


7:00 - 10:00pm, Thurs 9 Sep, 2010- intermission for drinks - networking before & after event

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