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The Establishing Shot: Upcoming - Shhh.... Secret Cinema is back this November

Thursday, November 11, 2010 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Secret Cinema the daddy of immersive cinema is back. And this November is seems as though they have pulled out all the stops.

I have been following their movements as closely as I can in the run up to their November screenings and I have to say that their November campaign is one of the most intricate and well thought out experiences yet. Top viral marketeers (I'm talking to you Dark Knight, Tron, etc.) could learn a thing or two from this month's campaign.

I've been sworn to secrecy, well it is Secret Cinema after all - but I can now let you know the following..


11TH – 21st NOVEMBER 2010

In Partnership with Windows® Phone

Secret Cinema is back. For this month’s immersive cinema
experience over 50,000 people join a virtual world. Visit the New Well
Being Foundation website, listen to the Wellbeing radio or call the
Wellbeing telephone line.

The journey begins here…

Please log onto:

To get you into the mood I have lifted the following clips from their Facebook page here

Previously I have taken pleasure in guessing what the screenings are going to be and I have some guesses on what this months film could be, but in the spirit of Secret Cinema I'm telling no one.

Shhh.... Secret Cinema is back this November

It's a secret

Yea, that's a secret too

More info:
All is revealed at