The Establishing Shot: TRON Flashmob Frisbee Battle – Save the date 18 December #tronrocks

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Tron LegacyI need your help. Hopefully you have taken the time to have a gander at my spoiler free TRON: Legacy review. If you have you will note that I am of the opinion it is an almost pitch perfect film. The closest we have to a “big” release that actually delivers on the promise. Did I mention it is a monumental undertaking that may not be referred to as a game changer (as Avatar already changed the game) but it’s the film that has come as close to possible as realising the potential of immersive cinema so far.

However there are some that do not share that opinion. And rather than expound upon my theories as to why that may be. I offer a challenge to decide whether TRON: Legacy sucks or rather - is not as good as the original TRON. I’m not talking some pub bingo quiz here I’m talking a real man’s (or women’s) challenge! I’m talking shirts off, Kirk vs. that alien type challenge.

After one of my off the cuff tweets about whether #tronrocks or #tronsucks
@EthanRunt May I suggest a Tron style fight off in the @ldnfilmmuseum to decide if #tronrocks #twitfilmreviews
was picked up on by my second home The London Film Museum - if Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours guy can have nature as his second home, why I can’t I have the museum?

Things quickly got out of hand and now I will be facing off against #tronsucks proponent (or Clu’s henchman as I refer to him as) @EthanRunt (actually a really nice film guy) in a frisbee duel. However there is a twist in that we will hopefully have a couple of people along to support our/your opinion on TRON:Legacy. Was the original better? I think not but this is a chance to express yourself.

Please note I don’t feel that you have to have actually seen TRON: Legacy to support it in this challenge, just read one of the negative reviews for evidence of this.

So I ask, no implore you - If you have been lucky enough to have seen TRON:Legacy or you are an existing fan that can’t wait to see TRON:Legacy - please join me on Saturday 18th December around midday (exact time to be confirmed) down at the Jubilee Gardens on the Southbank next to the London Film Museum near (right at the London Eye) for a flash frisbee battle. Exact location is dependant on filming permission and the weather; we may end up indoors at The London Film Museum.

I shouldn’t even be talking about this yet, but know what planning your time is like without an advance heads up. All will be confirmed before the event I’m really just letting you know this may take place please keep a space in your diary. Also @EthanRunt has started recruited countless minions already, I need to get the word out asap. Please spread the word.

Tron LegacyPlease don’t make me go down there on my own and face off the negative naysayers. I’m not worried about the battle itself but having to walk over and get my Frisbee after every throw might get awkward after a little while. Sure some of the Southbank locals will love Tron and take a Frisbee for me after I have purchased them a Thunderbird but I would prefer to have some people there who are TRON fans.

I should also mention that even though there are carrot dangling like talks about some merchandise for the winning team. This is not an official TRON event this is a fan event and really just a chance to get together with like minds for a fun event.

Any Frisbee will do (make your own, from a non lethal material), it would be great if you could wear or bring any TRON clothing/memorabilia. But definitely not a prerequisite for participation. The only requirement is that you want to have fun.


Here at the London Film Museum we love films, and occasionally we get to indulge ourselves a little more and have some fun with them.

So, with the new Tron:Legacy film set for release on Friday 17th December we noticed that 2 people who have seen the film already are a little divided on which is the better film, the original, or the new one.

So, we offered to host a frisbee fight between them to decide this once and for all.

Playing on behalf of the old film is Andrew Jones from Nonsense Film and playing for the new film is Craig Grobler from The Establishing Shot.

Each captain is calling for some support so if you are free and fancy taking part then come down to Jubilee Gardens (next to the Museum) this Saturday at midday.

We shall be filming the fight for YouTube and the Museum website, but it will also go on Facebook and Twitter so you will be able to tag yourself and show your friends.

Full details can be found on the Facebook group here!

Bring a frisbee!

Article on London FIlm Museum website

TRON Flashmob Frisbee Battle – Save the date 18 December #tronrocks

18th December around midday (TBC)

Jubilee Gardens, Lambeth, City of London SE1 8UL, UK (TBC)

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Pretty much, this is it. More info as it is confirmed.