The Wright Stuff 2: Wild At Heart QA with David Lynch, Laura Dern, Steve Golin and Edgar Wright

Friday, January 28, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Edgar WrightThe Wright Stuff is an ongoing series of film screening & talks hosted by non other than Mr Edgar Wright at the The New Beverly Cinema in LA. It's a bit like our very own Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square.

Regarding Wild At Heart - Edgar says:
 David Lynch’s amazing Wild At Heart was released at the height of his network TV success with Twin Peaks, but does not pull any punches whatsoever. I vividly remember watching this on first release and being blown back into my seat by the outrageous opening; the combination of Im Abendrot, Powermad and a man’s head being bashed into a pulp was like nothing I’d ever seen. It remains a singular experience over twenty years later.

I randomly came across these fan shot videos taken at the Wild At Heart screening and QA with Producer Steve Golin 2 days ago. The QA has just started when Holy sh*t sticks not only does Lara Dern turn up but David Lynch as well, to chat about Wild At Heart and cinema in general.

The programme for The Wright Stuff 2 has been inspired and absolutely gutting because these are some of my favourite films and I'm not closer to LA (yet). The remaining programme for The Wright Stuff 2 (lifted from Edgar Wright's blog) is:

January 28th & 29th: The Wanderers & The Warriors
Edgar Wright will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, on Friday the 28th to introduce the films.
Edgar says:
1979 was a clearly a banner year for gang culture, as these two movies are the best of the genre. I showed these movies as a double bill in Toronto and they complemented each other beautifully. One is hugely underrated, the other is a cult phenomenon, both are amazing movies.

Phil Kaufman’s The Wanderers is a bruising, funny knuckleduster of a movie, a rites of passage set among the warfare and initiations of 60’s New York’s neighbourhood gangs. There’s so much from this film that has stayed with me, Perry’s haymaker punches, the fog bound streets where the Ducky Boys lurk, Ken Wahl belting out Dion, the apocalyptic football game. I love this movie.

Edgar says:
 Walter Hill’s The Warriors is rightly celebrated as a cult phenomenon beyond even its origins as a movie; dialogue, sounds and images have entered into the consciousness in music, fashion and videogames. At the heart is still a barnstorming late night rumble of a film, another classic all-in-one-night tale as our heroes perform a lethal A to B in the dark terrain of a New York long forgotten.

January 30th & 31st: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot & Miami Blues
Edgar says:
Two fantastic crime films, both with legendary, beloved actors, neither of which as are well known as they should be. I aim to change this with this double bill.

Michael Cimino’s Thunderbolt & Lightfoot is a buddy movie classic, with the amazing combination of Clint Eastwood in his prime and Jeff Bridges in one his earliest starring roles. This handsome duo head up a tough, funny and frequently insane heist movie. I dearly love this movie. With Bridges now attaining the same legend status as Clint himself, it will be great to watch this again with a crowd.

Edgar says: 
George Armitage’s Miami Blues is another film slightly ahead of its time. In 1990 its combination of tough, funny noir and flashes of shocking violence seemed to bemuse audiences. Only five years later would Tarantino turn what was once for cult appreciation only into a global smasheroo. This very entertaining Miami lowlife romp has at its heart two great badass performances, the grizzled Fred Ward as Hoke Mosely and the frequently shirtless and impressively hairy Alec Baldwin as the charming psychopath Junior. This film is a little gem of broken fingers, lost digits and missing teeth. Anyone who has seen my amateur film Dead Right will know that I stole a joke from Miami Blues. I am willing to be shamed by screening it now.

It's enough to make a grown man cry. The Warriors, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot & the very underrated Miami Blues - One of my favourite films of all time. It contains the second best airport walk through on film ever. If you are a fan, Detective Hoke Moseley continues his adventures in a number of other books written by original author Charles Willeford: New Hope for the Dead, Sideswipe, The Way We Die Now and the much sought after unpublished Grimhaven.

The Wright Stuff 2: Wild At Heart QA with David Lynch, Laura Dern, Steve Golin and Edgar Wright

Thanks to ReverendBeastly for allowing me to use his videos