The Establishing Shot: See - Robert Rodriguez's The Black Mamba for Nike

Friday, February 25, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The Black MambaI'm all for filmmakers making commercials. It is an art form all of it's own and allows filmmakers to extend & expand their skills, pitch for work that they would like to do, pay some bills as well as have some fun.

But WTF is this? Kobe Bryant is The Black Mamba? I deeply admire Robert Rodriguez -the guy graduates from film and then does everything including bleeding (he donated blood and became a medical test subject) to finance his first feature El Mariachi. Which I loved, a little rough but clearly it is the work of a passionate and skilled story teller. Not only is he an inspiration but it felt like he was was carrying the maverick flame for all independents. And I couldn't wait to see his next film.

Flash forward 20 years Rodriguez now has his own studio Troublemaker Studios in Texas, A listers contact details and is as comfortable producing other studios features as he is directing his own. Unfortunately with every new release Rodriguez's maverick flame is diminished just a little more and his innate sharpness is replaced by knowing smiles, parody and pandering to the lucrative teen market. I know it sounds like I'm moaning and that's because I am - I'm happy that he has gone on to incredible well deserved success but I would just like to see his talent put to a sharp mature film that doesn't rely on generic story lines, star cameos replacing good performances and over use of FX.

Well until then - here is his latest commercial The Black Mamba for Nike, which suffers from all the issues I list above. For once I can genuinely say I'm happy Mickey Rourke didn't do this film.

Kobe Bryant is The Black Mamba

In case you are wondering Black Mamba is the latest edition to the Kobe Bryant range of Nike trainers/sneakers/tackies/sport shoes depending where you hail from.

The Black MambaDirector: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Kobe Bryant, Cleavon Barlow, Jamal Duff, John Duff, Onya Ibekwe, Robert Rodriguez, Darin Rossi, Kanye West, Bruce Willis

See: Robert Rodriguez's The Black Mamba for Nike

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