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Trailer: The Man from Nowhere

Monday, March 21, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The Man from NowhereI'm not prone to putting up trailers or clips that 3,333 other bloggers will be bombarding the internet with - but Jeong-beom Lee's The Man from Nowhere looks the business.

The Man from Nowhere Trailer

Let's go through my patent, "this film looks awesome 10 point check list":

1. Cool title? The Man from Nowhere - Check.
2. Conflicted hero? A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past - Check.
3. Reluctant protagonist fighting for the right reason? His only link to the world, a little girl is kidnapped - Check.
4. Heinous antagonists? The gang are drug and organ traffickers - Check
5. Serious gun and hand to hand skills on display? Check
6. Cool tag line? Nothing to lose, nothing to compromise - Check.
7. Is it hardcore? Certificate: 18 - Check.
8. Seriously kick ass edited trailer - Check (above).
9. Accompanied by a thumping soundtrack - Again, I say check above for yourself.
10. If that isn't convincing enough. To get a flavour of what I can expect from The Man from Nowhere. Using further unquestionable research I uncover what other films viewers thought The Man from Nowhere might be like:

The Man from Nowhere

I guess the only remaining question is when can we expect to see this bad boy? The Man From Nowhere to be unleashed on DVD in the UK 11th April 2011.

The Man From Nowhere
Scarred by traumatic events resulting from his past, former special agent Tae-shik (Bin Won) lives in solitude running a pawnshop in a rundown neighbourhood. His only contact with the world is through his customers and his next-door neighbours, a young girl named So-mi (Sae-ron Kim) and her mother, an exotic club dancer and drug addict. Neglected by her mother and shunned by the kids at school, So-mi gradually forms a bond of friendship with the loner Tae-shik.

But one day, So-mi and her mother disappear. When it becomes apparent that mobsters connected to So-mi’s mother’s drug dealing have kidnapped them, Tae-shik is forced to leave his private sanctuary and to go out into the world in search of his one and only friend. In a bid to ensure So-mi’s safety, Tae-shik agrees to perform a one-off job for the gangsters holding the girl. The job turns out to be a set-up that makes him the target of both a rival gang and of an intense police manhunt. On the run from both sides of the law, and risking him life every step of the way, Tae-shik moves ever closer to discovering So-mi’s whereabouts, but in doing so, he also risks revealing the hidden secrets of his past…”
The Man from Nowhere
The Man from Nowhere Poster

Director:Catherine Corsini
Starring: Bin Won (Brotherhood; Mother), Sae-ron Kim (A Brand New Life)

Trailer: The Man from Nowhere
UK Release: 11th April 2011