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The Establishing Shot: UK Exclusive! Trailer for the The Lost Bladesman

Friday, July 22, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Frustratingly I have had The Lost Bladesman sitting crouching ready to spring into action next to my TV for a couple of days but have not had the time to watch it yet. This weekend I intend to remedy that situation.

The Lost Bladesman looks to be an epic military martial arts extravaganza as only the East can do. It has it all strong characterisation, Martial arts moves that cannot be rivaled and spectacular battles all on awe inspiring sets. I could ramble on about how much promise the trailer for The Lost Bladesman looks but why don't you have a look as we are one of the few UK sites to get our grubby little hands on it tell next week. Behold the spectacular debut of the UK The Lost Bladesman trailer.

But it's not all about looks as the The Lost Bladesman stars master Martial Artist Donnie Yen who is so on the money with his acting as well as his Martial arts abilities. In fact he is one of the few talented Martial Artists who despite the lure of huge box office seems to be focusing on serious roles within the genre. His credible acting and martial arts abilities raising him above the many talented martial stars out there and making him a formidable contender for the King of Kung Fu crown. Donnie Yen also choreographs the fight sequences in The Lost Bladesman so expect greatness.

Luo Guanzhong 14th Century classic historical story Romance Of The Three Kingdoms is one that has a legacy that has flowered throughout Eastern cinema as much as Shakespeare's works in the West and under the development of Alan Mak and Felix Chong the brains behind the Infernal Affairs trilogy - as you know Martin Scorsese remade the first of the stories as The Departed - the tale is sure to have a firm hold on tradition and values whilst having enough intrigue to be relevant within our modern age. Failing that it looks like there is enough kick ass fighting and epic battles to keep anyone interested.

Donnie Yen stars as the legendary warrior Guan Yun Chang, sworn brother of the great warlord Liu Bei, who, on becoming separated from his friend during the tumultuous warring period of the Three Kingdoms, is taken prisoner by and agrees to fight temporarily alongside Liu Bei’s enemy and rival warlord, Cao Cao.

Guan’s heroism on the battlefield is rewarded with the title of Marquis of Hanshou and promotion to the rank of lieutenant general in Cao Cao’s army. The position allows him the freedom to escort Liu Bei’s concubine, Qi Lan, who is being held hostage by Cao Cao, back to her lord and master. But the journey is fraught with danger as Guan and Qi Lan must make their way through a number of mountain passes, all of which are occupied by enemy generals and their armies.

The Lost Bladesman

The Lost Bladesman
Directors: Felix Chong, Alan Mak
Stars: Donnie Yen, Yu Ai Lei, Hong Chen and Siu-hou Chin

The Lost Bladesman will be released in the UK on DVD on 8th August 2011.

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UK Exclusive! Trailer for the The Lost Bladesman