The Establishing Shot: Kapow! Comic Con 10 most popular pics

Monday, August 22, 2011 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

The other night I went along to what is the most fun film I have seen this year - 30 Minutes or Less. Before the screening we were treated to Pizza and refreshments in the Odeon West End's lounge. Whilst I was in the rather large crowd I noticed a young couple, something about the female of the pair struck me as familiar - slowly it dawned on me that she was a Cosplay Phoenix and in one of my most viewed pictures from Kapow! Comic Con her other half was a Ghosbuster. It felt a bit weird, like seeing a super hero in their regular civilian clothes.

That combined with my recent experience of the Empire BIG SCREEN convention I thought I would share my most popular photos from the Kapow! Comic Con. Predictably many of them are Cosplay pics.

No. 10 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Lyra from Eternal Descent

No. 9 - Kapow! Comic Con : The Millarworld Panel - Frank Quietly, John Romita Jr, Dave Gibbons, Mark Millar, Andy Diggle, Jock, Leinil Francis Yu , Ian Churchill

No. 7 - Kapow! Comic Con : Winner of the Kapow! Cosplay Contest - Bane

No. 6 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Black Cat & Venom Spider-Man

No. 5 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Bane & Phoenix

No. 4 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Bane this guy won the Cosplay Competition

No. 3 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Batman Reborn Red Robin

No. 2 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Black Cat & Wormwood Gentleman Corpse

No. 1 - Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Lady Deadpool & Domino

Kapow! Comic Con : Cosplay - Lady Deadpool & Domino by Craig Grobler

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