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The Establishing Shot: Week 49 Film News Round-up

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The Establishing Shot Film NewsThis week on The Establishing Shot: Celebrate Georges Méliès films with AIR and the Scissor Sisters, The Dark Knight Rises leaked Leonid Pavel CIA Documents, Operation Early Bird viral campaign and new poster , Noises Off at the Old Vic, Panic Button, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, UK Top 10 Films, This Week's New Releases, The Shot short film competition introduced by Paul WS Anderson, FLAMIN Launch New Development and Production Opportunity, Meet Mr Ray Harryhausen & have your animation short screened at the Barbican, MOFILM Barcelona 2012 : Video Contest, The Chocolate Festival is here…it must be Christmas!, Les Enfants du Paradis, Meet Me in St. Louis, Carol Morley for a Q&A after a special preview of Dreams Of A Life, Preview of Shame and Steve McQueen in Conversation, Preview of Coriolanus and Ralph Fiennes QA At The Phoenix, Want to be a credible film blogger/journalist?, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross is now out!, Arthur Christmas – No. 1 at the Box Office in its fourth week of release!, The Empire State Building turns bloody RED to commiserate the Dolphins of The Cove, Winners Announced At The 14th Moët British Independent Film Awards, Weekend wins two BIFA awards for Most Promising Newcomer and Achievement In Production, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo viral site and US ARG game launched, 8th Dubai International Film Festival unveils 171 films from 56 nations, combining substance, star power, and industry offerings, Discover The True Story Behind The Making Of Bruce Lee's Most Personal Movie Book, Director Brad Bird talking about the making Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in IMAX, Royal Mail Issue Special Harry Potter Heroes & Villains Stamp Set, Sony Pictures’ Columbia releases The Amazing Spider-Man teaser Poster, Perfect Sense, Too Fat For 40, Red Scorpion, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stockholm Press Day Featurette, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans

This Week On The Establishing Shot:
This week has been all about exploring the Sony Tablet S outstanding! , discovering DC Universe Online which is amazing! The Dark Knight Rises’ Operation Early Bird and the upcoming Georges Méliès Tribute.

The Establishing Shot: Celebrate Georges Méliès films with AIR and the Scissor Sisters (well Scissor Sister) live this week! 
There are two events coming up this week that I am super excited about. Of course the one is The Dark Knight Rises presentation and prologue screening in London, the other I found out a bit late but is equally breathtaking - Ciné Lumière in Kensington are putting on a tribute to Mr Georges Méliès with some incredible once off events and screenings including; the restored films of Georges Méliès, a spectacular screening of a mix of Georges Méliès films with a new original soundtrack performed live by John Garden of the Scissor Sisters and a screening of the newly restored colour version of Le Voyage dans la lune - A Trip to the Moon with a new original soundtrack by French synth pop legends AIR (Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin)

Right! I know Georges Méliès, AIR and Scissor Sisters three things you never thought you would hear in the same sentence. Please note tickets for A Trip to the Moon are now all gone but there is still some availability for the Georges Méliès Revival - Cine-concert with John Garden

Read more here:

The Establishing Shot: The Dark Knight Rises leaked Leonid Pavel CIA Documents
Christopher Nolan’s finale of the Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises is 221 days from being unleashed into the world. But this week saw The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign kick into high gear and ended with a lucky few getting tickets for the much vaunted 6 minute prologue to be shown at IMAX theatres this Wednesday 14 December as well as the unveiling of the Bane broke Batman poster.

This leg of the campaign kicked off with some CIA documents regarding Russian nuclear physicist Leonid Pavel being leaked onto the web. Head over to to read more as well as to be kept updated about The Dark Knight Rises Viral happenings.

Time permitting I should have my write up and thoughts of a real Batman fan regarding the 6 minute prologue up early on Wednesday.

Read more here:

Sadly some things  fell through the gaps this week including:
Noises Off at the Old Vic
We cracked some invites to Noises Off at the Old Vic, but unfortunately couldn’t make it down to Noises Off.

Lindsay Posner directs a new production of Michael Frayn's irresistible, multi-award-winning backstage comedy Noises Off. Enjoyed by millions of people worldwide since it premiered in 1982 and hailed as one of the greatest British comedies ever written.

Winner of both Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best Comedy, this celebrated play serves up a riotous double bill - a play within a play. Hurtling along at breakneck speed it follows the backstage antics of a touring theatre company as they stumble their way through rehearsals to a shambolic first night and a final disastrous performance.

The Establishing Shot: In the Mail Bag
Panic Button
Four young people win a competition of a lifetime; Jo (Scarlett Alice JohnsonEastenders; Adulthood), Max (Jack GordonFish Tank; Heartless) Gwen (Elen Rhys - Season Of The Witch) and Dave (Michael JibsonThe Bank Job; Cemetery Junction) are heading off on an all-expenses paid trip to New York courtesy of the social network site ‘’. As they board the private jet, they are asked to relinquish their mobile phones and take part in the in-flight entertainment - a new online gaming experience.

Once airborne the games begin, and it soon becomes evident through a series of twisted and sickening tasks, that the passengers’ mystery host knows far more than they ever dared imagine, but are they all as innocent as they seem?

Trapped 30,000 feet in the air and with no escape, the four find themselves set on a horrific course, forcing them to play for their lives and leading to a gruesome and bloody twist. A breathless psychological horror film for the 21st century, when you live your life online,
there is no Esc…

Panic Button on DVD and Blu-ray now

Panic Button
Have You Read The Terms & Conditions?

Director: Chris Crow
Writers: Chris Crow, Frazer Lee, John Shackleton, David Shillitoe
Stars: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon and Michael Jibson

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Driven by his curiosity regarding a supposed archeological excavation located on a mountain near his remote rural home, young and adventurous Pietari stumbles upon the shocking, ugly truth about the being known the world over as Santa Claus.

Local legend suggests the jolly old man in the red suit was in reality a supernatural creature that, rather than rewarding children for being good, severely punished those who were naughty. When a large herd of reindeer on which Pietari’s father depends for his livelihood is found slaughtered, the townsfolk suspect it is the work of hungry wolves that have crossed into the area from the nearby slopes. But when all the local children mysteriously disappear overnight, Pietari fears the scientists on the mountain have unearthed something extremely sinister and very much alive from what is apparently “the largest burial mound in the world”.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 metres deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up! This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.

Director: Jalmari Helander
Writers: Jalmari Helander, Juuso Helander, Petri Jokiranta, Sami Parkkinen
Stars: Jorma Tommila, Peeter Jakobi and Onni Tommila

The Establishing Shot: UK Top 10 Films Friday 02 - Sunday 04 December, 2011 courtesy of Digital Cinema Media
1. Arthur Christmas 3D
2. Happy Feet 2
3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
4. Hugo 3D
5. The Thing
6. My Week With Marilyn
7. The Adventures Of Tin Tin: Secret Of The Unicorn
8. 50/50
9. Immortals 3D
10. Dream House

The Establishing Shot: This Week's New Releases: 09th December 2011 courtesy of Movie Preview Guide
The Movie Preview guide is a pretty handy breakdown of this weeks and upcoming releases as well as film news. It arrives a little late to include in my usual news updates but this week I was tardy so could include some info from it head over to to check it out.

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve' celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories of couples and singles, told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.

Puss In Boots 3d
Puss In Boots - one of the most beloved characters of the Shrek universe - tells the hilarious and courageous (daring, bold, brave) tale of Puss's (Antonio Banderas) early adventures as he team with master mind Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and street-savvy Kitty (Salma Hayek) to steal the games Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

Another Earth
In ANOTHER EARTH, Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos. A brilliant composer, John Burroughs (William Mapother), has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child. On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevocably intertwined.

The Well Digger's Daughter
As she cuts across the fields to take her father his lunch Patricia meets Jacques. She is eighteen, he is twenty-six. She is pretty, with the fine manners of a young lady: he is a fighter pilot and a handsome young man. A full moon will do the rest on their second meeting. There won't be a third meeting: Jacques is sent to the front. Patricia ends up pregnant. The boy's rich parents talk about blackmail. Patricia and her father, the well-digger, will alone have the joy of welcoming her child. A joy that the Mazels will soon envy and seek to share when Jacques goes missing in action.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3d Christmas
Following years of growing apart, Harold Lee (Cho) and Kumar Patel (Penn) have replaced each other with new friends and are preparing for their respective Yuletide celebrations. But when a mysterious package mistakenly arrives at Kumar's door on Christmas Eve, his attempt to redirect it to Harold's house ends with the 'high grade' contents - and Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree - going up in smoke. With his in-laws out of of the house for the day, Harold decides to cover his tracks, rather than come clean. Reluctantly embarking on another ill-advised journey with Kumar, through New York City, their search for the perfect replacement tree takes them through party heaven - and almost blows Christmas sky high.

The Establishing Shot: Filmmaking Competitions
FLAMIN Launch New Development and Production Opportunity
Film London's FLAMIN has partnered with Portland Green Cultural Projects and the Hayward Gallery to launch a major new development and production opportunity.

The Artists’ Long Format Film, are looking to commission a film in any genre; creative documentary, drama, artists' film, cinematic essay or animation, which uses dance/performance as a driver with a development and production budget of between £120K and £400K.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 1 February 2012.
Read More Here:

'The Shot' short film competition introduced by Paul WS Anderson

Video: 'The Shot' short film competition introduced by Paul WS Anderson

Jessops, the UK's premier photographic retailer, has teamed up with The Mob Film Company to launch a short film competition. 

Using nothing but a Digital or DSLR camera's movie function, participants must produce a 10 minute short film entitled The Shot. Entries will be put before a judging panel of film and television directors, headed by Paul WS Anderson, Director of the Resident Evil series and Three Musketeers 3D. 

The competition, which runs until early next year, is open to everyone in the UK and offers one lucky winner a very special prize: an all expenses paid trip to spend the day with Paul WS Anderson on the set of his latest movie. In addition, the winner will also receive £5000 camera package, courtesy of Nikon.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 1 February 2012.

Meet Mr Ray Harryhausen & have your animation short screened at the Barbican
Ray Harryhausen is one of the most innovative and successful animators in the history of cinema, responsible for such movie milestones as Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans and One Million Years BC. Everyone from Peter Jackson to Tim Burton to Steven Spielberg calls him a major influence on their work.

To celebrate the publication of his latest book, Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook, written with Tony Dalton, the Barbican have teamed up with publishers Aurum Press to offer three talented animators the chance to meet Ray at his home and have their stop-motion animation short shown at a glittering Ray Harryhausen night here at the Barbican next spring. 

The event will include a panel of leading animators discussing Ray’s incredible contribution to cinema and a screening of brand new, groundbreaking documentary Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan featuring the likes of James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet

To enter, you need only create a storyboard, rather than an actual animation. Three winners will then go on to make a short animation based on their storyboard. 

Competition closes: 12 Feb 2012
Voting period: 29 Nov 2011 - 12 Feb 2012

MOFILM Barcelona 2012 : Video Contest
MOFILM are back with their Barcelona 2012 filmmaking competition. Barcelona 2012  is now open with three fantastic briefs live and ready for you to get cracking on - AT&T, Chevrolet and Fidelity. With grants available for each! To apply download the application briefs, then the right application form (AT&T, Chevrolet and Fidelity) and then email it to Grants are available from $500 to $2,000 and the deadline for applications is the 

Competition closes: 23rd December, 2011

The Establishing Shot: For your calendar
Tribute to Georges Méliès with AIR and the Scissor Sisters (well Scissor Sister)
To coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Georges Méliès and the release of Martin Scorsese's film Hugo, an overt tribute to this great master, Ciné Lumière presents an exclusive set of events.

Considered the master of fantasy and dream, Méliès is the first and most amazing magicians of cinema. He wrote, produced and directed all his films as well as designing the décor, costumes, accessories and also starred in them.

The  Classic Medley Méliès programme on 4 December is a unique opportunity to watch what can only be described as a treasure trove of lost gems which were uncovered and lovingly restored by Lobster Films. This is a rare occasion to explore the sublime realm of Méliès' cinema through The Man with a Rubber Head, The Magic Lantern and the colour version of The Devilish Tenant and discover his favourite themes: the moon, space, illusion and the comedy-burlesque.

Scissor Sisters star John Garden will perform a live accompaniment to a selection of Georges Méliès' films, producing a new and unique soundtrack as part of Georges Méliès Revival cine-concert on 14 December. Accompanying the films will be an original score of electronic soundscapes which revive and celebrate the sense of magic, mystery and occasional menace that play at the heart of Méliès' films. Once again, it's a unique chance to experience silent cinema as never before and discover films which have not been seen for more than 100 years, uncovered and restored by Lobster films. 

We'll also present the UK Premiere of the restored colour version of A Trip to the Moon (1902) with an original soundtrack by French group AIR on 12 December (separate press release to follow). Lobster Films, Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema and Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage conducted a complete restoration of the film in 2010, one of the most ambitious in the history of cinema. The film was premiered on 11 May 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival Opening Evening. AIR will join us to speak about their work and the inspiration of their forthcoming album, Le Voyage dans la lune which will be released on 6 February 2012.

The Chocolate Festival is here…it must be Christmas!
The Chocolate Festival returns to Southbank Centre for its annual Christmas celebration on Friday 9th – Sunday 11th December 2011. The festival offers an ideal opportunity to discover the goodness of real, artisan, fine chocolate as well of course as being a chance for total, justified indulgence and a perfect opportunity to bag some thoroughly irresistible Christmas presents. The only problem will be bringing yourself to part with the gifts you’ve purchased so don’t forget to treat yourself too!

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th December FREE admission - 11am – 8pm (6pm on Sunday)

Les Enfants du Paradis
Curzon are holding special repertory screenings of the newly restored Les Enfants du Paradis. Les Enfants du Paradis, Marcel Carné’s tribute to the world of theatre has constantly been voted the greatest French film ever made. Set in the Parisian theatres of the mid 19th century, the film revolves around the enigmatic actress Garance (a sublime Arletty) and the four suitors enamoured with her. Their intrigues, constantly outdoing themselves, and undoing their rivals’ plans, in order to win over the object of their desire propels this wonderful story.

Curzon Mayfair (Saturday 10 December at at midday), Curzon Chelsea (Sunday 11 December, 11.30am) and Curzon Richmond (Saturday 24 December, 11.45am).

Meet Me in St. Louis  
As part of their Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! The MGM Musical Season The BFI are pleased to bring you the re-release of Meet Me in St. Louis, hitting the silver screen on 16th December. An instant hit when it first appeared in 1944, Meet Me in St. Louis remains a popular favorite while ranking high in the pantheon of great movie musicals.

Meet Me in St. Louis tells the story of a family in suburban, mid-western St Louis in 1903. The city, and the well-to-do Smith family, is on the verge of hosting (and celebrating) the arrival of the spectacular 1904 World's Fair. However, the head of the family is beckoned to New York due to a job promotion – an uprooting move that threatens to change the lives of the family members forever. Directed by Vincente Minnelli during WWII, Meet Me in St. Louis is a delightful, classic, nostalgic, poignant, and romanticised musical film – and one of the greatest musicals ever made.

The Ritzy welcomes director Carol Morley for a Q&A after a special preview of Dreams Of A Life. 
Nobody noticed when 38-year-old Joyce Vincent died in her bedsit above a shopping mall in north London in 2003. Her body wasn't discovered for three years, surrounded by the Christmas presents she had been wrapping, and with the TV still on. Newspaper reports offered few details of her life - not even a photograph.

Who was Joyce Vincent? And how could this happen to someone in our day and age, the so-called age of communication?

Dreams Of A Life is not only a portrait of Joyce but also a portrait of London in the '80s. It is a film about contemporary urban life, and how, like Joyce, we are all different things to different people. It is film about ourselves, about how little we may ever know each other.

Saturday 17 December, 6.00 , Ritzy Picturehouse Brixton

Preview of Shame and Steve McQueen in Conversation
Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan star in Steve McQueen's frank study of a New York man's sexual compulsion.

Brandon is in his thirties, living and working in New York. He's single, smart and attractive. He also has a compulsive sexual need that sees him caught up in a repetitive cycle of pick-ups, prostitutes and online encounters. Whether he's managing his sex life or it's managing him is open to question, but his world seems self-contained and ordered, free of any messy emotional ties. However, when his wayward younger sister Sissy arrives at his apartment begging to stay, Brandon's control starts to slip...

Weds 11 Jan 8:20 British Film Institute

Preview of Coriolanus and  Ralph Fiennes QA At The Phoenix
The Phoenix are delighted to welcome Ralph back (he was here during filming of The End of the Affair in 1999) for a Q&A and preview screening of his directorial debut Coriolanus on Saturday 7 January at 6pm.

Saturday 7 January at 6pm.

The Establishing Shot: Film News
Want to be a credible film blogger/journalist?
Well here is a step in the right direction. Static Mass are a pretty decent film blog and they are on the looking for Volunteer Researchers And Writers For 2012

Established in December 2009, STATIC MASS is a non-profit independent UK film journal which looks at a broad range of work from the industry. With research grounded in film theory, history and the philosophy of film our approach is to explore what the essence of film is.

We’re looking for researchers and writers to join our team from January 2012 for 12 month placements to work on monthly features. As well as undertaking research, you’ll also be working on marketing your articles to readers using social media. We’ll assist you in planning and identifying areas of research and also provide you with feedback as well as team meetings once a month where you’ll be introduced to other members of our growing team.

Read more:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross is now out! 
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' soundtrack for The Social Network certainly added to the film's ambience despite the content not being something you would immediately associate with Trent Reznor, so we know that the Fincher/Reznor partnership is going to offer up some pretty good things.

I received notification from Trent Reznor’s Null Corporation that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack including the stunning song from the teaser trailer - Immigrant Song with Karen O as well as Is Your Love Strong Enough? by How To Destroy Angels is now available and this subject matter is certainly well within Trent Reznor field.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, featuring three hours of new music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, is out now worldwide. Get the download right away, or pre-order the 3-CD package or 6-vinyl deluxe package, at

The soundtrack includes "Immigrant Song" with Karen O and "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" by How To Destroy Angels.

You can also download a free six-track sampler of the album.

Arthur Christmas – No. 1 at the Box Office in its fourth week of release!
Arthur Christmas becomes the number one movie in the UK in its fourth week of release taking £1.9 Million this weekend, and over £11.5 Million in the UK to date

Peter Taylor, Managing Director, Sony Pictures Releasing UK, said today "Opening a movie at No. 1 in such a competitive market as the UK is difficult enough, but to reach the top of the chart in the fourth week of release is almost unprecedented. We are all delighted."

Visit the website:

Starring A Stellar British Cast including: James Mcavoy, Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Ashley Jensen

Arthur Christmas
On Christmas night at the North Pole, Santa's youngest son looks to use his father's high-tech operation for an urgent mission.

Director: Sarah Smith
Writers: Peter Baynham (screenplay), Sarah Smith (screenplay)
Stars: James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy

The Empire State Building turns bloody RED to commiserate the Dolphins of The Cove
To raise awareness of the annual slaughter of dolphins in the Taiji Cove, Japan - last Friday the Empire State Building was lit up with amber light and the switch was pulled by Ric O’Barry of the Dolphin Project website

Photo from Ric O’Barry's Facebook page 

If you are still unaware of the notorious Cove and the frankly shocking activities taking place there - buy, beg, borrow, steal or download The Cove available on DVD now.

Video: Trailer for The Cove

The Cove
Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, The Cove follows a high-tech dive team on a mission to discover the truth about the international dolphin capture trade as practiced in Taiji, Japan. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide.

The Cove exposes not only the tragedy of dolphin slaughtering in Japan, but also the dangerously high levels of mercury in dolphin meat and seafood, the cruelty in capturing dolphins for entertainment, and the depletion of our oceans fisheries by worldwide seafood consumption. We also see how the mandate of the International Whaling Commission has been manipulated by the Japanese Fisheries Agency for its benefit and its subsequent effect on the rest of the world.

Director: Louie Psihoyos
Writer: Mark Monroe
Stars: Richard O'Barry, Louie Psihoyos and Hardy Jones

Winners Announced At The 14th Moët British Independent Film Awards
There was a spectacular turn out from the very best in British talent for the 14th Moët British Independent Film Awards. The winners were announced at the star-studded ceremony, held at Old Billingsgate which was hosted by actor and comedian Chris O’Dowd and streamed live for the first time ever on LOVEFiLM.

Best British Independent Film was won by Tyrannosaur with Lynne Ramsay picking up Best Director for We Need to Talk About Kevin, Olivia Colman Best Actress for Tyrannosaur and Michael Fassbender Best Actor for Shame. Vanessa Redgrave won Best Supporting Actress for Coriolanus and Michael Smiley Best Supporting Actor for Kill List

Tyrannosaur won the most awards on the night, picking up three trophies for Best British Independent Film, Best Actress and Paddy Considine was awarded The Douglas HickoxAward for Best Debut Director. Weekend won two awards for Best Achievement in Production and Most Promising Newcomer for Tom Cullen

Joint Directors, The Moët British Independent Film Awards Johanna von Fischer & Tessa Collinson said: “What a fantastic year for British film! This year’s nominees embodied a diverse range of genres and those walking away with awards tonight are representative of the high quality of outstanding talent we have in this country. Congratulations to them all."

As previously announced, Ralph Fiennes was awarded the coveted Richard Harris Award for outstanding contribution by an actor to British film, and Kenneth Branagh the Variety Award. The Special Jury Prize went to Graham Easton.

Elsa Corbineau, Marketing Director for Moët & Chandon, commented: “As the Champagne of film, cinema and celebration, Moët & Chandon is delighted to toast the achievements of the British Film Industry at The Moët British Independent Film Awards. We are thrilled that so many winners and nominees from this years awards have supported ‘Toast for a Cause’, helping raise thousands of pounds for their favourite charities by toasting with mini Moët & Chandon bottles.”

The Moët British Independent Film Awards are proud to announce the following winners for 2011:

Best British Independent Film Sponsored by Moët & Chandon

Best Director Sponsored by The Creative Partnership
Lynne Ramsay – We Need To Talk About Kevin

The Douglas Hickox Award [Best Debut Director] Sponsored by 3 Mills Studios
Paddy Considine – Tyrannosaur

Best Screenplay Sponsored by BBC Films
Richard Ayoade – Submarine

Best Actress Sponsored by M.A.C
Olivia Colman – Tyrannosaur

Best Actor
Michael Fassbender – Shame

Best Supporting Actress
Vanessa Redgrave – Coriolanus

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Smiley – Kill List

Most Promising Newcomer Sponsored by Studiocanal
Tom Cullen – Weekend

Best Achievement In Production Sponsored by Deluxe142

The Raindance Award Sponsored by Exile Media
Leaving Baghdad

Best Technical Achievement
Maria Djurkovic – Production Design – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Best Documentary

Best British Short

Best Foreign Independent Film
A Separation

The Richard Harris Award (for outstanding contribution by an actor to British Film)
Sponsored by Working Title
Ralph Fiennes

The Variety Award
Kenneth Branagh

The Special Jury Prize
Graham Easton

Now in its 14th year, the Awards were created by Raindance in 1998 and set out to celebrate merit and achievement in independently funded British filmmaking, to honour new talent, and to promote British films and filmmaking to a wider public.

Weekend wins two BIFA awards for Most Promising Newcomer and Achievement In Production
Andrew Haigh’s critically acclaimed lo-fi British drama WEEKEND picked up two BIFA awards on Sunday December 4th for Achievement In Production and Most Promising Newcomer for the film’s star, Tom Cullen.

Producer Tristan Goligher and director Andrew Haigh accepted the award, describing the win as one “genuinely for every person involved in the making of this film, from the cast, through all the crew, and all the companies who supported us. I'd also like to single out the line producer, Rachel Dargavel, a producer in her own right, and without whom the making of this film would have been a very different experience."

On a Friday night after hanging out with his straight mates, Russell (Cullen) heads out to a nightclub, alone and on the pull. Just before closing time he picks up Glen (Chris New). And so begins a weekend - in bars and in bedrooms, getting drunk and taking drugs, telling stories and having sex – that will resonate throughout their lives.

WEEKEND opened in the UK cinemas on November 4th after a successful run in America, where the film has currently grossed over $500,000 from theatrical and theatrical VoD revenue. The film at present has made almost £200,000 at the UK box office since its release.

Made on a shoe string budget of £120,000, WEEKEND was financed by EM Media, Creative Scotland, and also the Scottish production company Synchronicity Films and distributed in the UK by Peccadillo Pictures.

For more information on WEEKEND and up to date cinema listings, please visit

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo viral site and US ARG game launched
Found out via Trent Reznor that a viral site for Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and US based ARG game had been launched.

Video: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo viral video Hard Copy Segment - Missing Girl - 80's

8th Dubai International Film Festival unveils 171 films from 56 nations, combining substance, star power, and industry offerings
Award-winning films and A-list talent from the Americas, Europe, Asia Africa and the Arab world.
89 films vie for prestigious Muhr Awards with total prize money of over US$600,000.
The Festival, which runs December 7 to 14, spans feature, documentary and short films, including numerous new premieres including 46 world premieres, 25 international premieres, 78 Middle East premieres and seven GCC premieres. The films, made in more than 32 languages from Cantonese to Catalan, populate DIFF’s three Arab, AsiaAfrica and Emirati competitions and its popular out-of-competition segments dedicated to children’s, Indian and world cinema among others.

Read More Here:

Discover The True Story Behind The Making Of Bruce Lee's Most Personal Movie, Way Of The Dragon! Bruce Lee Chronicles: Volume 1 Released This Week
To millions of fans around the world, Bruce Lee was the greatest martial arts icon who ever lived. Join Bruce on one of his greatest real-life adventures and discover the true story behind the making of his most personal movie, Way of the Dragon.

Officially endorsed by The Bruce Lee Foundation and packed with rare and collectable photographs, many from the Lee Family Archive, this extraordinary first volume features a foreword from Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee and takes an in-depth look at every pre-production milestone, preparations at the legendary Golden Harvest studios and much more!

Bruce Lee Chronicles: Volume 1 is out now to buy on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Kindle, courtesy of tiger Rock Publishing

Way Of The Dragon (Ultimate Edition) is available to buy on DVD now, courtesy of Cine-Asia

Director Brad Bird talking about the making Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in IMAX

Video: Director Brad Bird talking about the making Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in IMAX

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is opening in the UK in IMAX five days early, on 21st December – it was also announced to today that it is opening 5 days early in IMAX in North America, on 16th December

Royal Mail Issue Special Harry Potter Heroes & Villains Stamp Set
To coincide with the DVD launch of the final Harry Potter films today, Royal Mail is launching a very special presentation pack of Heroes and Villains, featuring Hogwarts’ hero, Dumbledore, and his arch nemesis, Lord Voldemort. There is going to be a flyer for the stamps included in every Blu-Ray and DVD copy in the UK.

The Dumbledore and Voldemort stamps have been taken from the Magical Realms set of stamps, launched in February this year, that also featured characters from the likes of the tale of King Arthur, the Chronicles of Narnia and Terry Pratchett.

The stamps are also available via the link here:, and also on the Royal Mail eBay store:

Sony Pictures’ Columbia releases The Amazing Spider-Man teaser Poster
In amongst all The Dark Knight Rises hype Columbia released a rather spiffy new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Image: The Amazing Spider-Man Poster

The Amazing Spider-Man release date: 4 July 2012
Teenager Peter Parker grapples with both human problems and amazing super-human crises.

Director: Marc Webb
Writers: Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, James Vanderbilt
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans

The Establishing Shot: Upcoming Film Releases
Perfect Sense
Following its critically acclaimed UK theatrical release in October 2011, the apocalyptic sci-fi fable, Perfect Sense, starring Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge; Star Wars; Trainspotting) and Eva Green (Casino Royale; The Dreamers) comes to DVD on 30th January 2012 having been hailed as "thrillingly ambitious, ecstatically romantic, utterly unexpected" (Time Out, Four Star review) and as "a touching, emotionally resonant and beautifully executed spin on humanity's final moments that will hit you in the head and heart" (SFX Magazine, Four-and-a-half Star review).

Perfect Sense on DVD 30th January 2012

Too Fat For 40
Following the huge success of fan favourites "An Evening With Kevin Smith" and "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder", the acclaimed filmmaker, writer, actor and raconteur responsible for such diverse movies as "Red State", "Cop Out", "Zack And Miri Make A Porno" and "Clerks II" releases his first new stand-up DVD in five years in the form of TOO FAT FOR 40. Filmed on the evening of Kevin Smith's 40th birthday before a crowd of rabid fans at the Count Basie Theatre in his home town on Red Bank, New Jersey, this comedy special comes to DVD on 23rd January 2012 (coinciding with the release of "Red State" on DVD and Blu-ray) as a two-disc edition featuring the full, uncut and unexpurgated three-and-a-half-hour version of Smith's performance and including a Bonus DVD loaded with extra features including additional encore Q&A footage and a look behind the scenes.

Too Fat For 40 On DVD 23rd January 2012

Red Scorpion
Following supporting roles in "A View To A Kill" and "Rocky IV" and a less than stellar turn as He-Man in "Masters Of The Universe", in 1988 former chemical engineering graduate turned actor Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) took on the role that would define his career as an action star playing the titular hero in the shoot-'em-up action-thriller RED SCORPION. Directed by Joseph Zito, the man behind Chuck Norris' number one box office smash hits "Missing In Action" and "Invasion USA", the film remains one of the most memorable and revered action movies of the 80s. Now, RED SCORPION is coming to Blu-ray, featuring a host of extra features including a UK exclusive audio commentary by Joseph Zito.

Red Scorpion on Blu-ray 6th February 2012

The Establishing Shot: Interview of the week – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stockholm Press Day Featurette
David Fincher’s eagerly anticipated The Girl WithThe Dragon Tattoo is only two weeks away from being released. Ever since I heard that Fincher was remaking the The Girl WithThe Dragon Tattoo I have been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Having read two of Stieg Larsson’s books from the Millennium trilogy as well as having enjoyed the original Swedish film trilogy. It made perfect sense that Fincher master of the genre remake it. Despite having enjoyed the originals and the bits I have seen so far of Finchers’ Dragon Tattoo seemingly following the storyline fairly closely I’m sure Fincher is going to bring the world of Dragon Tattoo to life in his own unique and engaging way that the audience will completely absorb. Besides it’s got Trent Reznor and Karen O’s version of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song in it. (an Inspired choice) – so it can only be sublime.

Below is a The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo featurette made at the Stockholm Press Day with some interesting bits from David Fincher, Rooney Mara and Stellan Skarsgård discussing; research, preparation and filming the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Video: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stockholm Press Day Featurette

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo release date: 26 December, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Craig) is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander (Mara), a young computer hacker.

Director: David Fincher
Writers: Steven Zaillian (screenplay), Stieg Larsson (novel)
Stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and Stellan Skarsgård

The Establishing Shot: Trailer of the Week – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Already on my list of films to look out for in 2012. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel looks like a delightful tale of overcoming prejudices, embracing life and making connections, set to the backdrop of some gorgeous India locations. Director John Madden bowled me over with the spy thriller The Debt this year and with its superb cast The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is working its magic on me.

Video: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer

For a disparate group of English pensioners (Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie and Ronald Pickup), retirement takes an unconventional turn when they abandon their homeland, enticed by advertisements for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a seemingly luxurious sanctuary for “the elderly and beautiful” in Jaipur, India. On arrival, they discover that the hotel falls somewhat short of the romantic idyll promised in the brochure, but they are gradually won over by the ever-optimistic young manager Sonny (Dev Patel), and tentatively embark on a new adventure, finding that life can begin again when you let go of the past

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel release date: 24 February, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways.

Director: John Madden
Writers: Ol Parker (screenplay), Deborah Moggach (novel)
Stars: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Maggie Smith

The Establishing Shot: Music discovered this week: Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
A couple of weeks we actually discovered Lana Del Rey when her Blue Jeans track ws featured on Made In Chelsea Season 2 Episode 9.Haunting and romantic at the same time - Watch it here:

Video:  Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans music video 

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