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ON OUR RADAR - Nicolas Winding Refn UK Pusher gets a poster & trailer

Thursday, February 02, 2012 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

PUSHEROne of 2012s most anticipated films over here at The Establishing Shot is the UK reimagining of Nicolas Winding Refn's Pusher. We loved Nicolas Winding Refn's gritty slice of life Danish trilogy focussed on the under world of drug dealing desperado Frank. It also introduced us to some outstanding talent like Mads Mikkelsen, the always compelling Zlatko Buric as well as the man himself Nicolas Winding Refn. And with Nicolas Winding Refn on board as Executive Producer collaborating again with the guys behind Bronson and Monsters - Pusher is shaping up to be a film of note.

An East London dealer (Richard Coyle) grows increasingly desperate after a botched get rich quick scam leaves him with a large debt to repay to a ruthless drug lord. Richard Coyle is an inspired and interesting choice to play Frank. He was one of the many highlights of Coupling one of the best British comedies to be seen on our TV screens in a long time. He has an impressive body of work but you may remember him as one of the Prince's in Prince of Persia or in Madonna's W.E.

Looking at the cast list of Pusher there are some great choices and I was ecstatic to see Zlatko Buric reprising his role from the Pusher trilogy as gangland boss Milo. This is very good news indeed and grounds this  reimagining  in the world of Pusher all the more.

Fast-paced, visually striking, witty and with some of Britain’s finest acting talents, PUSHER will have you gripped from beginning to end Nicolas Winding Refn takes on the role of Executive Producer, with Rupert Preston from Vertigo Films and Chris Simon and Felix Vossen from Embargo Films producing

Vertigo Films are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Luis Prieto’s PUSHER, boasting a best-of-British cast with star performances from iconic international supermodel and actress Agyness Deyn, Brit superstar  Richard Coyle (W.E.Prince of Persia), Bronson Webb (‘The Tudors’, ‘Robin Hood’, Dead Man Running) and Paul Kaye (It’s All Gone Pete TongMatch Point) in a reimagining of Nicholas Winding Refn’s cult classic of the same name. 
I'm digging the poster and hope the film conveys the same visual spark whilst exploring the dark and dingy world of a man on the edge. Richard Coyle looks suitably edgy and very Travis Bickle while handling those two guns.  If you look closely at his glasses you can see he is looking at his stripper girlfriend Flo played by Super model Agyness Deyn (pic below).

Image: Poster for UK remake of Pusher (Click to enlarge)

PUSHER Agnes Deyn
Image: Agyness Deyn as Flo in Pusher (Click to enlarge)

Video: The Establishing Shot: UK PUSHER TRAILER HAS LANDED

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In London, a drug pusher's life spins out of control over the course of one week.

Director: Luis Prieto
Writer: Matthew Read
Stars: Richard Coyle, Bronson Webb and Agyness Deyn