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The Establishing Shot: WIN! The action movie of the year - THE RAID is in cinemas tomorrow! Celebrate by entering our competition to win an exclusive Raid bag!

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win The Raid bagSadly, none of us will ever be anywhere as kick ass, as Rama (Iko Uwais) the super cool action hero from The Raid BUT now we can at least look the part - as an opportunity has come up to own an official, rare, money can’t buy, hard to find and very exclusive collectors Raid record bag.


There are apparently only a couple 100 of these bags kicking about (see what I did?) and whilst you may not be a high kicking, Silat chopping Mo Fo this bag will no doubt demonstrate that you have a warrior’s heart or at least an early adopter’s eye for cool gear. And if that isn’t enough to convince that you need one - bear in mind that I don’t just give away any old tosh on The Establishing Shot. I only get behind films or products I can shout and still look you in the eye holding my head up high when it comes to the post screening discussion. You can read my review of The Raid right here!

I don't remember Rama carrying a bag in The Raid but I can't help but think how helpful it would have been  if he had a bag full of tricks as he fights his way up and down the 30 stories of hell. That aside the bag itself looks sturdy enough to deliver a knock-down of its own and keep its shape - so a day in the UK should be a breeze for it.

I've been slightly coy about The Raid as I don’t want to build unrealistic expectations of it and the Internet is already full of overzealous fans ready at the drop of a hat to shout things like: game changer, ***** (that's 5 stars not a swear word), All out.., high octane.., best thing ever.., this summer's {insert hyperbole free adjective}film, must see... and 100s of other slogans usually found on posters -  yet I can only describe the experience of seeing Iko Uwais in action as; revelatory explosive as the first time I saw Enter The Dragon and discovered Bruce Lee for myself an actor and action hero that embodied the elements of the genre that transcended the disappointment we have been forced to endure in the genre.

When The Raid hits cinemas tomorrow it is going to remind action fans why they love the genre so much. After years of being disappointed by half hearted attempts by action hero’s muddled on screen efforts to show that there is more to their tough looking exteriors - comes a hero that doesn’t care what you think. He’s in over his head and will take on whoever he has to, to get back out as demonstrated in the clip below.

Video: The Raid Redemption Hallway Fight - Clip

win The Raid bag
Image: Win a The Raid Redemption Bag

All you have to do to for the chance to win one of these imminently collectable Raid Bags is:

1.Send us an email at imaweiner(at)theestablishingshot(dot)com appropriately replacing (at) and (dot).
2. With the subject line The Raid!
3.The name of your favourite action star.
4. Your name
5. The address where you would like your prize sent to if you win.

Standard competition rules and common sense apply. 1 Winner will be chosen randomly (by randomly I mean I'll put all names into a bag and Karate chop the bag shouting Kumite! The last name left will be the winner. The judges (meaning my) decision is final. Currently I am unsure how long the competition will run for but I will update the conditions as soon as I do.

The Raid - ‘The Action Movie of the Year’ (The Guardian Guide) breaks out across over 290 cinemas on 18th May starring martial arts sensation Iko Uwais as he takes on a tower block rammed with bad guys and decimates them in a style that is nothing short of breath-taking.

Find out more including which multiplex it's showing at on the official Fanhub and Facebook page

For more information and updates about The Raid:

Follow Director Gareth Evans on Twitter here!/ghuwevans!/TheRaidUK

The Raid: Redemption
Deep in the heart of Jakarta's slums stands an impenetrable apartment block; a safe house for the city’s most dangerous killers and gangsters and considered untouchable to even the bravest of police.  Cloaked under the cover of pre-dawn darkness and silence, an elite SWAT team is tasked with raiding the safe house in order to take down the notorious drug lord that runs it. When rookie cop Rama is the last man standing, he must fight his way to the top of the building to complete the mission and escape with his life.

Winner of the 2011 Midnight Madness People’s Choice Audience Award atthe Toronto Film Festival, the Audience and Critics’ Choice Awards at the2012 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, THE RAID stars thenewest martial arts sensation, Iko Uwais, was directed by Gareth Evans and features a kick ass score by Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese.

Director: Gareth Evans
Writer: Gareth Evans
Stars: Iko Uwais, Ananda George and Ray Sahetapy