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First London Nordic Film Festival Programme Announced – FILM FESTIVAL

Thursday, November 15, 2012 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

Nordic Film FestivalToday the Nordic Film Festival announces its first ever festival programme for 2012, which will take place between 30 November and 5 December 2012 across London at Riverside Studios (Hammersmith), Ciné lumière (South Kensington) and Prince Charles Cinema (Leicester Square).

The Nordic Film Festival brings together a broad mix of independent films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, celebrating the best in Nordic filmmaking past and present. With the recent wave of Nordic fiction that has resonated so strongly with UK audiences, the time seems ripe to celebrate this area of European filmmaking in a festival context.

Love Is All You Need Poster
Love Is All You Need Poster
The first ever Nordic Film Festival will open with a special Gala screening of critically acclaimed director Susanne Bier’s LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED starring Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm on 30 November. Closing the festival will be the UK Premiere Gala screening of Lisa Langseth’s debut feature PURE starring Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair, Anna Karenina) on 5 December.

Pure Film Poster
Pure Film Poster
Nordic Film Festival Director Sonali Joshi from day for night* said:
Nordic cinema is thriving, with its vibrant independent filmmaking scene and long-standing traditions of internationally recognised talent. Nordic Film Festival will be the only festival of its kind in the UK, offering a dedicated context through which to celebrate Nordic cinema with the aim of producing a truly creative, exciting and enjoyable festival. We encourage cinema lovers across the capital to participate in our first Nordic Film Festival.”

Fri 30 Nov, 6.15pm - Opening Gala Screening + party, Cine lumiere
Susanne Bier, Denmark 2012, 112 mins

Love Is All You Need Trailer

Trine Dyrholm plays a hairdresser with a cheating husband, alongside Pierce Brosnan, an Englishman living in Denmark. Ida (Dyrholm) has completed her chemotherapy treatment in time to attend her daughter's wedding in Italy where she encounters Philip (Brosnan), a bitter widower with an axe to grind. And so a liaison unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of coastal Sorrento sunsets in this assured romantic comedy that is at once charming and funny.

Official Festival Selections: Venice Film Festival 2012, Toronto International Film Festival 2012

Festen Film Poster
Festen Film Poster

Sat 1 Dec, 2pm - Riverside Studios
Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark/Sweden 1998, 105 mins, cert 15
The first film of the avant-garde Dogme95 movement and winner of the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize 1998, Festen remains a defining moment in Danish cinema. Told in real time at a family dinner celebrating patriarch Helge's 60th birthday, one of Helge's four children, Christian, stands to make a toast, only to reveal the darkest of family secrets.

Festen The Celebration Trailer

Introduced by Dr Claire Thomson (UCL Scandinavian Studies), author of Nordic Film Classics: Thomas Vinterberg's FESTEN (forthcoming 2013).

Sat 1 Dec, 5.15pm - Riverside Studios
Peter von Bagh, Finland 2008, 74 mins, London Premiere

Helsinki Forever Clip

Award-winning Finnish director and academic Peter von Bagh's cinematic essay is a montage of visual representations of Helsinki from respected Finnish filmmakers from throughout the years. The director both critiques and affirms past contributions to Finnish visual culture, reliving the past in a dreamlike homage to reel and verse.

Official Festival Selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

Beyond Film Poster
Beyond Film Poster
Sat 1 Dec, 7pm - Riverside Studios
Pernilla August, Sweden/Finland 2010, 99 mins

Beyond Trailer

In actress turned filmmaker Pernilla August's debut feature, Noomi Rapace (Millennium Trilogy) plays Leena, a woman haunted by a traumatic childhood, tainted by observing drug abuse and domestic violence from those around her. When she receives news of her dying mother, Leena is forced to confront the demons she has long suppressed in this crucially honest and piercingly insightful psychological drama.

Official Festival Selections: Venice Film Festival 2010, Melbourne International Film Festival 2012

Troll Hunter Poster
Troll Hunter Poster
Sat 1 Dec, 11.30pm - Midnight Screening, Prince Charles Cinema
Andre Ovredal, Norway 2010, 103 mins, cert 15

Troll Hunter Trailer

Inspired by Norwegian folklore and shot in a mockumentary style, Troll Hunter follows a group of students intent on exposing a suspected bear poacher. However, they soon find out that he doesn't hunt bears, but in fact he hunts trolls. In the thralls of a thrilling exploit the students, at their own peril, vow to capture on film the existence of a species which the government conspired to cover up.

Buy a drink at the Prince Charles Cinema bar and join us for a spot of midnight troll hunting!

Jar City Film Poster
Jar City Film Poster

Sun 2 Dec, 6.45pm - Riverside Studios
Baltasar Kormakur, Iceland/Germany/Denmark 2006, 91 mins, cert 15

Jar City Trailer

Inspector Erlendur investigates the death of an elederly man. His only clues: a picture of a girl's grave and a cryptic note. Meanwhile, mystery surrounds a grieving father working on a revolutionary research facility, attempting to make sense of his daughter's death. Erlendur has to battle with a complex and disturbing case whilst all the time facing his own personal demons in this complex and gripping thriller.

Oslo, August 31st Film Poster
Oslo, August 31st Film Poster
Sun 2 Dec, 8.45pm - Riverside Studios
Joachim Trier, Norway 2011, 96 mins, cert 15

Oslo, August 31st

Anders is a recovering drug addict. He is released from rehab for one day during which he visits unforgiving family members and unaware childhood friends. All the time he is attempting to reconnect with the one person who drove him into the dark, lonely depths of drug abuse, his ex. In this stunning, visual masterpiece, director of Reprise Joachim Trier returns with an intense yet fresh account of one man's emotional struggle with independence.

Olafur Eliasson Space Is Process Poster
Olafur Eliasson Space Is Process Poster
Mon 3 Dec, 6.45pm - Riverside Studios
Jacob Jorgensen/Henrik Lundo, Denmark 2010, 76 mins, UK Premiere

Olafur Eliasson: Space Is Process Trailer

Internationally renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson drew attention in the UK with his 2003 Weather Project at the Tate Modern, where he also returned this year with his "Little Sun" exhibition.

Following him from the confines of his Berlin studio to Iceland and New York, Eliasson explains his fascination with human perception, light and water, and their intrisic involvement in his work. Space is Process explores the artistic manifestations of an existentialist mind - art which is in his owns words "open and inclusive, rather than being enclosed and exclusive".

Babette's Feast Poster
Babette's Feast Poster
Mon 3 Dec, 8pm - Cine lumiere
Gabriel Axel, Denmark 1987, 103 mins, cert U, Special Preview

Babette's Feast Trailer

In a small coastal town in 19th century Denmark, Babette (played by Stephane Audran), a French political refugee, seeks asylum in the house of the village pastor. The family offer Babette shelter, taking her on as their housekeeper and cook. After the death of the pastor, his two daughters, Philippa and Martina, decide to hold a dinner on the anniversary of their father's 100th birthday. Despite the sisters initial concerns, Babette presents the household with a magnificent feast, and with it her Parisian lust for life inspires and revives her two new companions.

The Punk Syndrome Film Poster
The Punk Syndrome Film Poster
Mon 3 Dec, 8.30pm - Riverside Studios

The Punk Syndrome Trailer

Jukka Karkkainen/Jani-Petteri Passi, Finland 2012, 85 mins, London Premiere
This documentary follows Finland's biggest punk band, sharing in their personal and professional highs and lows. All four band members have a mental disability, a subject present in their music and politics. An insight into the world of touring anarchy - of love, hate, laughter and tears - this film equally comments on society's changing attitudes towards mental disability.

Official Festival Selections: Tampere Film Festival 2012, Hot Docs 2012, Sheffield DocFest 2012

Wed 5 Dec, 7pm - Closing Gala Screening + party, Riverside Studios
Lisa Langseth, Sweden 2010, 97 mins, UK Premiere

Pure Film Trailer

Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair, Anna Karenina) plays troubled 20 year old Katrina who comes from a broken home in Stockholm's suburbs. Tormented by her past, she seeks solace in a newfound passion for classical music after finding herself at a concert in Gothenburg. Katrina has always lived on the edge and soon she is swept up in a whirlwind of the senses as she embarks on a journey filled with desire, dishonesty and ultimately a dangerous affair.

Official Festival Selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, Melbourne International Film Festival 2012

Nordic Film Festival 2012
Between 30 November and 5 December 2012

Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL
Ciné Lumière, 17 Queensberry Place, London, Greater London SW7 2DT
Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Street, London WC2H 7BY

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