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Terracotta Film Club brings some serious KICK ASS to London with Chocolate at the Prince Charles Cinema Weds 27 March

Monday, March 25, 2013 Craig Grobler 0 Comments

terracotta film clubThis months Terracotta Film Club film is the seriously kick ass Chocolate to the legendary, Home of Cult Film in London - The Prince Charles Cinema.

To mark National Women's History Month 2013 and in advance of Autism Awareness month in April, ‘Terracotta Film Club’ brings CHOCOLATE a film by the director of ONG BAK fame, in which a young autistic heroine learns martial arts from watching TV.

This screening follows the success of the first two editions which overviewed Hong Kong cinema with Jackie Chan’s classic POLICE STORY and contemporary comedy VULGARIA by Pang Ho-Cheung.

‘Terracotta Film Club’ is proud to introduce this stand out film from Thailand, another Asian country with a rich and diverse cinema industry.

Directed by Prachya Pinkaew, choreographed by stunt coordinator Panna Rittikrai and a stunning debut from JeeJa Yanin, this no stunt-double martial arts action flick is one of the best and craziest fight films from the last decade.

chocolate film poster JeeJa Yanin
Chocolate Film Poster starring  JeeJa Yanin
What happens when an autistic girl, with uncanny reflex and mimicking abilities, spends a lifetime watching martial art films? She becomes the baddest chick on the planet.

Though born autistic, Zen has the amazing ability to copy the martial art skills of her film heroes; Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa. These skills come in handy when the peaceful life Zen and her mother Zin have is shattered when Zin is diagnosed with cancer. Zen delves into her mother’s dark past to collect on family debts but finds they are in a fight for their lives when the entire Bangkok criminal underworld come bearing down on them.

Video: Chocolate Trailer

Directed by Prachya Pinkaew of ONG BAK fame, choreographed by Thailand’s stunt coordinator Panna Rittikrai and a stunning debut from JeeJa Yanin, this martial arts extravaganza is one of the best and craziest fight films from the last decade.

chocolate JeeJa Yanin kicking
Chocolate JeeJa Yanin Kicking some head
The Terracotta Film Club monthly residency will offer audiences the chance to enjoy Asian films regularly on the big screen, right in the heart of London. The Terracotta Film Club aims to keep Asian films in cinemas, via showing a mix of both classics and new releases, and to introduce the next generation of film fans to Asian cinema.

For more information and tickets head over to:

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is an annual event aiming to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK. The 4th edition ran from 12th-15th April 2012 with 5 European premieres incl. the new animated work from legendary Studio Ghibli. From comedy to drama to horror and everything in between, exclusive cast and crew Q&As, intro’s, masterclasses and parties. Terracotta Festival touring edition started in September with 5 films in the line-up.


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